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Chefchaouen, Morocco
before the first vibration was conceived there was the Para stage of sound, before manifestation
Mountain Watcher


My point of power in the present

Joined Lightworkers December 19, 2009
A Portal Of Light, A Crystalline Beacon

At the age of 18 I saw through the veil of conditioned consciousness for the first time while on LSD. A while later I realized that the state I had experienced thanks to the sacred chemical, was just a keyhole into Reality. Now this Reality, this Living Conscious Energy is showing me my true nature as solid light that takes shapes and yet remains beyond all shapes as pure Intensity.

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All Worlds

Flaming Hearts

Magic Of This Moment


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 photo 2_FB Profile July 2015_zpstqhcbjhh.jpg Tomas I am called, the name for this form. I enjoy my mind being at rest. Let me rest in the depths of the pool of Singularity, and from there look out onto Duality, Plurality, Multiplicity. I see all are infused with the flame of their Source. It has no form and yet contains all forms. Here words fail and we must....LEAP! When falling, shift just so and you are diving. As I learn this dive, may others see it and be inspired, knowing that you can.

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Hua Hu Ching by Lao Tzu, Prior to Consciousness by Nisargadatta, 40 Verses on Reality by Ramana

Freedom from the Known

I am part of the awakening on the Earth and I contribute whole-heartedly to expand joy, love, forgiveness and service to others on this planet. I wish to connect with others who are in the midst of this huge stream of Love that pervades all of life.


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