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Williams Lake
Sault St Marie
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~Every moment we live and breathe, We have the chance to open our eyes,our souls and see..

Joined Lightworkers January 14, 2011
I want to keep on growing in mind and spirit to one day go to that next level.

Since I was a little child growing up in a roman catholic family I felt like i knew more as if i was surrounded by an illusion. I kept to myself drawn into my art. I felt like i could open my senses more hard to explain.. but I always saw outside the norm and had many many paranormal experiences also. Its like the more you look the more you find and realize.

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Talking To The Planet~

Wow A Good Movie!

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My name Christopher ~25 ~Cancer ~ I live to learn and to grow. I have a drive to learn more about spirituality and the true understanding of our souls. I wish to meet others like that so here I am.
~The secret but there are lots others just cant remember the names lol~
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Medium, empathy, starseed

I want to meet others that can help me understand more spiritually and to meet other good souls.


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