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Aisha North

Joined Lightworkers August 22, 2011

I opened up to this work after I went trough a personal crisis and went to a medium a few years back. She confirmed that I was here to do important work, and that I had to start to open up my channel. It changed my life.

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Moving On

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I am a channeler for the group The Constant Companions, a group of entities that have been in contact with me for more than a year. I have been channeling for more than two years, but now I have been told to find a way to share the recent messages they have given me as they consider them to be of importance to others beside me.

I have been told to share the messages I get as they might be of importance to others besides me. I have personally found many important messages on this forum, therefore I think it is the right place for the words I have been given to pass on to others.


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