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Gemini 5-29


Let there be you in the world !

Joined Lightworkers January 12, 2008
Let there be Light
Let there be Balance
Let there be Harmony
Let there be Peace
Let there be you
Let there be me

My spiritual growth began in 2005. My higher self ♥ contacted me, many messages between and then a huge tap that I could not ignore

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Life is like a star, it continues to shine to those that are watching. Make Love Real in your Life and with each other. Be the light in each moment you are.
Many, Screaming Hawk, Ted Andrews, Edgar Cayce, Barbara Hand Clow, David Wilcox, Solara, Ronna Herman
How do you say PEACE ? ~ People Erasing All Concerns Eternally ~

To move with the flow and energy that is kicking up and add my light were I can and receive were I am blessed


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