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My Heart
The Netherlands


Let there be Universal Love...

Joined Lightworkers July 11, 2008

As a child of 6 I had a NDE. When I didn't want to be anymore on this earthplane on 9/11, 2001..Everything changed for the Truth (11:11) and I am still walking on my spiritual awakening path. It is Now time for the medical intuitive and other amazingly beautiful magic phenomena! Hurray!!! Power of the Sun...*...

Lets help and heal ourselves, others, and especially: Lets help our innocent children! FORZA...

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I Am that I Am

When walking through blades of grass make you dive deep into the Earth
When you sit by a tree and hear it's song 's birth
When you catch a glimpse of the perfect balance of flowers and see them glow
When the snake is your friend and the stars become windows
When you hold a stone and hear it's beating heart
When you look into a perfect stranger's eyes and inter-are
When your beloved ones live thousand miles away and you can yet hold their hands
You know without an inch of a doubt that the universe is made of Love that has thousands of strands.

This is my last existence,

~as a Melody~

~in the Code of Spirits~

~or as a Bell in the Towers~

~~~of your Truth~~~

~I am trailing You~

~even as you reach for Me~

~this is my last existence~

~Apart from You~


All the mirrors from The Living Library :-)

Magic Show
What magicians we all are,
turning darkness into light,
transforming invisible atoms
into the dazzling theater
of the world,
pulling objects,
(people as well as rabbits)
out of secret
microscopic closets,
turning winter into summer,
making a palmful of moments
disappear through time’s trap door.
We learned the methods
so long ago
that they’re unconscious
and we’ve hypnotized ourselves
into believing
that we’re the audience,
so I wonder where we served
our apprenticeship.
Under what master magicians did we learn
to form reality
so smoothly that we forgot to tell ourselves
the secret?

Jane Roberts, 1979

Shambhala Multidimensional healing

Inspiration, motivation, stimulation...

Love, Light and Peace!!!

I want to be a flying man ***** and teach others.

Healing myself and others.

Bridging the gap between science and intuitive healing.

School never stops!




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