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Male - 21
Athens -USA

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Find center. Be available to yourself. We've come to this planet, the manifestation of Divine feminine energy to learn and grow as individual souls. We are about to enter a new period of "time". Your heart has the answers. Look within.
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Sometime during adolescence in the middle of high school. Initially, I was introduced to Drunvalo's work through a book by Bob Frissel and since then I've been hooked to living this journey.

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Star Sign:Leo/Virgo Cusp

Peace and Light, I am glad that we can meet and be in community. I hope all is unfolding in all aspects of your life in ease, abundance, harmony, and joy!!!!! Bright Blessings, Ten Nebula Money, Abundance, & Spirit -
Hello dear friend, Wishing you a very warm welcome among the Lightworkers. Have a wonderful time over here and thanks for being part of it. Blessings, Deborah