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IMPORTANT UPDATE - FEB 3rd : Sincere apologies for the system anomalies going on over January. We are now completing a whole system/server upgrade. This will be a big change in the look and feel of Lightworkers, however all content has been migrated to the new server and we will have a data Roll Back to Jan 11th 2016. Any data entered after this date will be lost, which is a shame but its been a very big job. Please make copies of any content you wish to keep and re-post to the new system when we go live. Target for launch is Feb 10th with ongoing development over Feb/March. The new server will be more stable, and up to date. With new and improved functionality, mobile compatible and more. Thank you for your continued support and sorry again for the inconvenience.
You are SO MUCH like me I AM so much like you :-) PERFECT, BLESSED, LOVED AND LOVING Have you forgotten? I will remind you whenever you forget who you are, as you are me. I will never forget who I AM so i will not decieve myself in seeing you in any other way. You are magnificence in form with a never ending stream of abundance comstantly flowing all around and through you, if you will only go with who you are, you will remember who I AM with you. WE ARE ONE (((((((((YOU ARE A SACRED PLACE))))))))) I honour and worship you as I know who you are. I will not attack myself in denial of who you are or who I AM. I AM LOVE I AM LIFE I AM YOU YOU ARE LOVE YOU ARE LIFE YOU ARE ME WE ARE NOT SEPARATE WE ARE ONE I cannot help but LOVE YOU ALL as the ONENESS that I AM/WE ARE. Anything else is not oneness. I thank you for being who you are beyond who you may "THINK" you are. Your truth is my truth or there is different truths and that is impossible for me to be confused about. I have clarity in simplicity, the simplicity of perfection that you are is "SIMPLY PERFECT". WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE....hahaha...BLESS YOUR SOUL. KEVIN RUDD I LOVE YOU...BARACK OBAMA I LOVE YOU...MR/MISS BANKER I LOVE YOU...MISS/MR MURDERER I LOVE YOU...MR/MISS TERRORIST I LOVE YOU All aspects of myself do I send LOVE and PEACE. I want no separation and I will see none. Give/Take care stay you stay well your humble servants all-ways dazlemwithlovelight