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In the embodiment of the Twin Flame Heart we understand the balance of the inner divine masculine and the inner divine feminine.

Once that inner balance is achieved, we have reached a level of non-judgemental conscious awareness and total unconditional acceptance within ourselves, therefore unconditional acceptance of others.

Once again realising that every relationship outside of ourselves is only a reflection of our inner selves.

We will now see this new vibrational awareness reflected back as we connect with others in this new awareness.

The relating now can only be of deep heart and soul connection, knowing we are balanced and whole,
naturally reflecting the embodiment of complete fulfillment.
In this perception of knowing our completeness, all relationships are then truly only about giving and sharing the abundant and expansive Love we know we are.

The joy is in sharing our love within. We finally know the one we were looking for was ourself.
We ourselves are everything. We are whole. We are love. Now with the old emotional, deep core patterns realised we are powerful balanced non-reactive vibrational beings ready for the new relating paradigm of the Heart. Awakening to The Golden Age.

Why do so many of us search endlessly for the ‘one true love’ in the hope of finding our soul mate/twin flame.

What you are looking for is acceptance. You believe that this ‘one true love’ will accept you without conditions.

Your search for that one is in fact the search for self-acceptance.

Each relationship is there to provide you with a new opportunity to know yourself.

It is through knowing yourself that you can then grow to accept yourself and to love yourself.

The one true love is self-love, knowing you are the vibrational embodiment of the frequency of Love and feeling that from the depth of your being.

The greatest secret of all, discovered by the Christ and the Buddha and many others, was the secret of falling in love with the self.

When you love the self, you are in a state of acceptance, total acceptance.

As you accept, you cease resisting the world and all that is in it. As you give up resistance, you allow everything to be as it is.

As you allow everything to be as it is, the Divine can work through you....... for you will be at one with the source of all life.

You will be at one with Love!

Then ironically, in that acceptance and surrender, true magic can occur ~ Your One True Beloved, Twin Flame may magnetise through synchronistic events to share a Divine Sacred Union of a harmonious reflection of your deep self love. Relating from the depth of the soul, both knowing who they truly are, beyond the material world. This union is purely and simply Divine. There exists only ONE true tonal mate of the Twin Flame ~~ the exact equal and opposite frequency intonation.

These sacred relationships are all about vibrationl frequency. When the two become one again, in their Divine Reunion, their energetic field of Unconditional Love, can and will, entrain thousands into their Higher Consciousness of balance and unconditional acceptance of all and everything, therefore collapsing duality and creating Heaven on Earth through their combined balanced vibration of Pure Love.

and written with Love