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"Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds
oh no
love is an ever fixed mark, that looks on tempests and is never shaken"
-Shakespeare Sonnet 116

Love is what we were in the beggining. We understood love because it's what we had been since our initial creation.
We came down to this dual existance, and we tried to understand what love meant.
We searched and searched, through lives of happy people, sad people, rich and poor.
We searched in 9-5 jobs, and we searched in jobs where we became workaholics.
We experienced love on the same palate as fear, we became used to having these two dishes compliment each other.
Like a fine wine we drank explanations for this co-existance, just to wash away the taste, fooling ourselves into thinking that the wine of lies made the food taste better, no matter how tainted.

One of my goals this year was to find myself, find the true me.
I've been through a few heavy months of guilt, anger, pain and happiness.
As I come to one of my last missions, I come across my biggest problem.
My ablity to be strong. This has been a quality I have always lacked, and brought out only on occassion.
I have fought for others some times, I have fought for my own and felt guilty afterwards.
Realising that myself and my strenght and love can be one has been one of my hardest lessons in this lifetime.
As I began to connect with my higher self I first saw her as bossy, arrogant and rude.
I saw leadership qualities as bad social skills. But then I realised, taken the initial idea of leadership and learning from it is what must happen now. All the answers don't come immediately and as I learn more, I grow into a butterfly, casting off my coccoon with the years.

After I posted my Channeling, I realised that there was so much fear in me still, fear of rejection.
Someone very close to me reminded me of my strength, and the importance of my role here.
Although there is some doubts still, I relinquish the doubts right here and now.
There will be no more "I think I saw, or heard" when it comes to my guides"
There will be no more questioning of my channelings. I have spent a year checking everything I get at home, with my circle group just in case I am confusing my messages for ego, and I haven't been wrong yet, so why do I continue questioning myself?

The lioness must stand up to protect her cubs, even if she is to get bitten in the process.
Just as the lioness is to protect and to love, and to teach, so will I.

Our world is on the brink of change, and I've decided I am of the light.
I am of love. and I am of truth. Because truth and love are the same.
I love you enough to tell you the truth.
I trust you enough to teach you words of wisdom past to me from higher places.
I respect you as I think you deserve to know the truth, you deserve to be healed by the light of truth.
And to blind yourself from these truths is to bound yourself in the lies you don't believe.
If you believe the dark can hurt you, then it will.
Because if you claim yourself to be afraid of, or adversed to fear and possible troubles, then you are wrapping yourself in the blanket of fear you have claimed you have no part in.

I am casting this cloak of fear away from myself now, and I am standing up and saying yes!
I believe my messages, I trust myself, I trust my guides, and I trust the archangels whom I speak to.

Every message has a meaning, if it is not true to others, it is true just for you, for whatever reason it has to be.
And we learn from every message, right or wrong.

Love is not love which alters, when it alteration finds
truth is not truth which alters, when it alteration finds

and to understand these two is divine, to understand these to are the same, is to understand that truth is the biggest healer of all, just the same as love.
So find your truth today, spread this truth. No matter what happens, healing is what happens.
Trust in love and truth, and be strong

Light, strength, love and truth