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During my exploration into the mystical life, over the last 12 to 15 years I become aware of the fear-power of the Great Inter-Galactic Boogey-man known to many as Satan.  The western idea of 'EVIL' seems to be some sort of originating force of will crushing propaganda, seemingly brought into existance by the Christian Church.  It has been at the heart of slaughter and butchery since this organisation begun its extermination of anything non-christian or threatening many centuries ago.  It seems amazing that so many have attemted to break away from religious dogmas, seeking salvation in other belief systems only to carry this satanic-fear into it with them.  There is so much fear here at this site regarding this concept of incarnate evil, I thought maybe some alternative thoughts on the subject may be helpful for people who are regarding their concepts on this thing.  Personally I have zero belief in such an entity, and strangely my life carries with it very minimal fear.  In my early stages of investigation most certainly this fear haunted me, and prevented me from considerable growth.  From my small knowledge most of the ancient wisdom traditions did not carry this idea of supreme evil, Light and Dark being representations of Spirit and Matter.  I know that when this satanic-fear finally died in me, my exploration became much more liberating, intuitive and healing. 

I have to laugh when I see it so abundant in the New Age information here, because it seems the very thing which would have given reason for a movement such as this to rise up.  Thus I believe if you are still pounding this stuff into people you are fruitfully continuing the work of the darkest aspect of the Church.  To my mind this movement should have no place for such out-dated and clearly flawed propaganda techniques such as the Christian-Satan.  I think if you want to move away from the old church thinking into the comming doctrine of higher awareness, really this concept just has to die.

Below are two extracts from Helen Blavatskys work on occult philosophy, regarding demons and other possible meanings to the current understanding.  So much could just be said on Satan alone, and the Earth Spirits seperatly it could go on forever.  This is just for some who may wish to explore through these sytems the idea of demons and angels etc

If anyone has any relevant information to post to add to the information here it would be most welcome, also any thoughts regarding the idea of demons, Satan/Lucifer and Nature Spirits esp the Lunar Order of Beings (or White Lodge).

Kindest Regards
C Capp


(page 34)
"The universal doctrine of emanations, adopted from time immemorial by the greatest schools which taught the kabalistic, Alexandrian and oriental philosophers, gives the key to the panic among the Christian fathers. That spirit of Jesuitism and clerical craft, which prompted Parkhurst, many centuries later, to suppress in his Hebrew Lexicon the true meaning of the first word of Genesis, originated in those days of war against the expiring Neo-platonic and eclectic school. the fathers had decided to pervert the meaning of the word "daimon"*, and they dreaded above all to have the esoteric and true meaning of the word Rasit unveiled to the multitudes; for if once the true sense of this sentence, as well as that of the Hebrew word asdt **(translated in the Septuagint "angels", while it means emanations), were understood rightly, the mystery of the Christian trinity would have crumbled, carrying in its downfall the newreligion into the same heap of ruins with the ancient mysteries. This is the true reason why dialecticians, as well as Aristotle himself, the "prying philosopher', were ever obnoxious to Christian theology. Even Luther, while on his work of reform, feeling the ground insecure under his feet, notwithstanding that dogmas had been reduced by him to their simplest expression, gave full vent to his hatred and fear of Aristotle.

* "The beings which the philosophers of other peoples distinguish by the name Daemons, Moses names 'Angels'", says Philo Judaeus.
** Translated in the English Bible as "fiery law" - Deuteronomy (Chapter 33)


(page 288)
The Hermetic philosophers called Theoi, gods, genii and Daimones (in the original texts), those Entities whom we call Devas (gods), Dhyani-Chohans, Chitkalas (Kuan-yin, the Buddhists call them), and by other names.  The Daimones are -in the Socratic sense, and even in the Oriental and Latin theological sense - the guardian spirits of the humanrace; "those who dwell in the neighbourhood of the immortals, and thence watch over human affairs", as Hermes has it.  In Esoteric parlance, they are called Chitkalas, some of which are those who have furnished man with his fourth and fifth principles from their own essence; and others the so-called Pitris.  The root of the name is Chitti, "that by which the effects and consequences of actions and kinds of knowledge are selected for the use of the soul" or conscience, the inner voice of man.  With the Yogis, the Chitti is a synonym of Mahat, the first and divine intellect; but in Esoteric philosophy Mahat is the root of Chiiti, its germ; and Chitti is a quality of Manas in conjunction with Buddhi, a quality that attracts to itself by spiritual affinity a Chitkala when it develops sufficiently in man.  This is why it is said that Chitti is a voice acquiring mystic life and becoming Kuan-yin.

Please Enjoy Your Ride Through The Realms Of Spirit And Matter.

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