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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.

I've been doing a bit of seeking lately, learning new ways of thinking that are available.
One of the things that confuses me is that different folks seem to see dimensions differently.
I might be wrong, but it seems to me that a long time ago folks talked about 7 dimensions,
7th Heaven was considered to be the 'highest' dimension. Or at least available to 3D Earth
humans. Later on folks started talking about 9 dimensions...then 11...then 13...and I think I
even remember reading something somewhere about 15 dimensions. Dr Joshua stone wrote that
there are hundreds and hundreds of dimensions. Why are there so many viewpoints on the number
of dimensions?

It seems that every source of information has all sorta 'back up' material, some scientific
and some channelled. I was listening to a Barbara Hand Clow interview today, and what she
said about the dimensions of Earth made a whole buncha sense...except she says there are only
9 Ds. I dunno if that means 9 Ds that we can access from here in 3D and there are more, or
if that's it, just 9 overall. George Kavasilis says there are 13 Ds. Evidently the 11 D theory
was Einstein's. I've thought for a long time that there were 12 dimensions available to or in
connection with Earth, and that the 13th dimension would be the Creator...but I'm not sure if
that means the Creator Of Universe, or the Creator of our solar system, planet, or galaxy.
I have an idea that our solar system logos is some sorta sub-Universal god or something. I
tend to think there's a 'Mother Earth' kinda character, a living, sentinent, feeling, being
that is 'being' the solar system, and the galaxy, exactly as she is being Earth for us.

I personally have only been as far as 9D in my adventures, and have no idea what's above the
9th D. Does this mean there are no more Ds...that's why I can't 'see' them? Or do some of us
see more or less dimension than others because of our personal linage and/or experience? My
personal 'theory' sorta goes back to the whole 12 plus one thing. You know, like Jesus and
12 apostles, 12 personality aspects plus oversoul, 12 oversoul aspects plus monad. My thought
was that there are 12 Ds available to us as 3D Earth humans, plus Creator itself which would
be 13D.

There must be some sorta set number of dimensions...for each planet and solar system, or so
I would think. Many folks talk about us entering into individuation on 9D, then 8D takes the
idea to manifestation and the new soul goes down to 7D to learn how to BE an individual
self. Sixth dimension, in my understanding, is the first D where we can opt for physical
form. Seems to me that what D we incarnate into is entirely up to us, depending on what
experiences we wish to have in the Earth game. 5D we know about, and 4D we pretty much know about.
In BH Clow's interview this morning she spoke about the dimension from 1D upward...the ascent
of creation on planet Earth, from the chemical/elemental platform...2D is plant life and life
that does not have self awarenes then on to us in 3D.

I do understand that whatever the 'right' answer is doesn't actually matter a hill of beans. I
mean wherever we are going is where we will end up. Knowing ahead of time probably doesn't
have a whole lotta effect on our soul's growth/expansion. But I still am here in a 3D body
with a 3D brain...and brain REALLY likes to understand things.

I've tried to watch a few videos, but couldn't make sense of them. If anyone has Spiritual
Dimensions For Dummies hanging around...may I please borrow it?