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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.

I first drew Trust, which we’ve had show up before – Trust your decisions. March to the beat of your own heart. Next I drew Listening, which we’ve also had. Listen to your wise self. Let your inner compass direct the course of your life. So finally I drew Relaxation. Allow yourself to be lazy. It’s ok to “do” nothing. (Ok maybe I read this and set down the cards and did nothing the whole week on it!)

Looking at this card, we see ¾ of a boat with the left end visible. It is a canoe shape but the end of it is reminiscent of something you might find in Venice or Europe. It looks like dawn or dusk, as we can see the reflection of a lovely tree in the water on the back side of the boat. On the front side of the boat, a Monarch butterfly appears as if it has touched the water and rippled it ever so slightly. Peering down into the water beneath the butterfly, we see what looks like something found in the ocean. Several large mushroom shaped coral are illuminated beneath the water in rich purple and blue hues. Outstretched midway on the boat is the woman, her right hand reaching forward and resting on the side of the boat. Her dark blond hair looks as if she had taken a dip in the water. Her eyes are closed and her left hand is near her face, resting on top of a silky mauve sheet. A red silky sheet covers her back and stomach area, only revealing her left breast.

I do understand why these cards came together though. I do believe it is important that we trust and listen to ourselves. To me, they truly go hand in hand. If we trust the process, we will be able to “listen” and hear what we need to. I know that sometimes it is easy to get anxious and want things yesterday. I know it is important for us to not get ahead of ourselves. We need to focus on the now and let things unfold. Just like the last message from White Eagle. Sometimes then the best thing is for us to just simply relax. That can be hard for me to do. Ha! I know most people do not spend enough time just relaxing. It is important we capture tranquil moments for ourselves whenever we can. Sometimes it might be a relaxing soak in the bathtub or just sitting on our porch in silence. There is no art needed for doing nothing, just simply “be”. And if you sleep an extra hour or two or three, then you know what, you needed it. And with work, try to take a relaxing approach. Just go with the flow and don’t push yourself with time constraints if you don’t have to. There is so much energy going on right now in the universe and our lives, that it is imperative that we allow ourselves the opportunity to relax our body, mind and spirit. Think of this as an opportunity to recharge your soul. For just like the butterfly, you too must be patient and relax in order for the magnificent transformation to take place.



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