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With thoughts of the Equinox nearing... and time of Spring beginnings,
I felt it was a good time to "honor the Earth" whenever we can... for
those who use Indigenous ceremony...


After each speech, pause with low drum or rattle.


We have come to bless this place, to make it holy, to make it whole.
We open our hearts to love, and we open our mouths to bless.
We begin here to heal our Mother Earth.

Invoker of the spirits of the Four Directions

Facing East: We welcome the energy, the beginning way, the rising sun
at the beginning of the day and the light of illumination. We welcome
the energies of the East.

Facing South: We welcome the energy of service to all my relations, the
heat of the noonday sun and the spirit of action in the world. We welcome
the energies and spirits of the South.

Facing West: We welcome the energy of looking deep within to find the
gifts of healing and renewal. We welcome the energies and spirits of the

Facing North: We welcome the energy of wisdom and blessing the Grandmothers
and Grandfathers who teach us. Teach us to be generous and honor all that
we receive from the Earth.

Invoker of nature spirits:

We invite the spirits of the ground, spirits of the soil.
We invite the spirits of the plants and the standing people.
We invite the spirits of the elementals, the little people.
We invite the spirits of the animals, the furred and four-legged.
We invite the spirits of the insects, the many-legged.
We invite the spirits of the birds, the winged ones.
We invite the spirits of all living creatures in the web of life to be
here with us,
to bless this place.

Invoker of the ancient spirits of the place:

We ask the spirits who have lived, worked, prayed and played in this place to
be here now with us, to bless this place.
We ask the spirits of native peoples who were here for thousands of years to
be here now with us, to bless this place.
We ask the spirits of peoples who came here from other lands to make this their home,
who learned to love this place, we ask them to be here now with us, to bless this place.

Invoker of the Divine:

We ask the Holy One, the Nameless One called by a thousand names to speak and act through
us, to bless this place.


We regret any harm which has been done to this place by our human kind.
We pledge to refrain from harm to this place or to any other place on our Earth.
We pledge to teach our children to feel gratitude to our Earth and treat her and
all her creatures with reverence.
We pledge to teach that we are all part of the web of life, that all beings are our

Earth Blesser: We come with this corn meal (handful of grain or seed) to bless the
Earth and make it sacred.

Air Blesser: With loving Energy, we move the air (feather or paper fan, waved in all
directions) to bless this place and make it sacred.

Fire Blesser: With fire (smudge bowl or candle or incense sticks) we bless this place
and make it sacred. Go around the circle, smudging each person.

Water Blesser: (in a bowl or cup, with feather to disperse), we bless this place and
make it sacred. We share this blessing with all gathered here.

Everyone: Holding out hands to bless:
A leader may speak and everyone repeat, phrase by phrase:
With our hearts and minds
voices and hands
we bless this place
and make it sacred.
May this place thrive
and be protected from harm.
May this place give peace and joy
to all who come here.

Disperser: We call for blessing upon all who are gathered here.
We ask you to take this blessing to other places. Go forth and open
hearts. Teach reverence for our Sacred Earth to people everywhere.

Closer: It is done! This place on Earth is now healed and blessed.
Let us rejoice!
Cheer, drum, shake rattles, applaud, embrace.

Note: If anyone is curious and asks about this ritual, give them
a copy of this script and ask them to use it. Tell them to gather a
group to bless some other place. This ritual will be owned by nobody
and everybody. It is a give-away. It may be changed in any way as long
as the intent and effect is to bless a place and bring healing to Mother

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