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I found the following article at The article was written under the title, '5 Holistic Suggestions to Usher In Spring'. Good advice and practice. ************************************************************************************************ 5 Holistic Suggestions to Usher In Spring Spring time is finally here! Birds are looking for places to build their nests, the trees are about to get their new leaves, the sun feels warmer. What does this mean to us in body, mind and spirit? As Nature gifts us with its signals, the start of the season brings us a chance to re-emerge, to transform, to be renewed and to manifest what we want to see in our life. Here are five recommendations which, done with intention, will help you usher-in spring in a unique, uplifting way: 1. Bring new meaning to your spring cleaning. It’s time to dust things off, add living plants, to your home and work environment, re-arrange, bring brighter color into your décor. It’s especially a great time to get rid of things you don’t need, use or absolutely love. Do it! Have a stance of no pity – if you haven’t used something in 6 months, you probably never will! By de-cluttering and lightening your home and office, you will be making space for better opportunities, people, and yes, cooler things, to show up in your life. 2. Bring the new season into your kitchen. File away recipes for richer heavier foods such as hot soups and heavy sauces. Replace them with recipes and ideas for dishes that are lighter, more vibrant. Make it a point to purchase and eat fresh, local food that is in season. It will help you lose weight, it will be much more flavorful and help you connect spiritually with your food and how it reaches your table. 3. Relate in new ways to others. In your relationships dare to try something new, with a focus to prune what no longer serves you. As well, take the spring time opportunity to nurture new behaviors, activities, experiences and ways of relating which you want to see grow and develop. 4. Start making your cherished dreams a reality. According to Chinese Five Element Acupuncture, spring time has to do with our vision for our life; our greater purpose. So this is a perfect time to focus on our wishes, dreams, desires – a time to re-connect with that which makes us happy, centered, filled with joy. Put together an action plan to bring into your life more of your very own joy – more of that which you have been asking for in one way or another, all the years of your adult life. 5. Make a commitment to honor yourself. Take time just for you, to nurture yourself, find out what would make you truly healthier, happier, more balanced. Endeavor to make one change in support of that. Only with action does real change begin to happen. See that change grow, develop and mature. Hold on to it and persevere. Afterall, this is your life, your dream, your vision. The energy of spring all around you is a very good helper in making it happen.