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Erle Frayne D Argonza

As the folk world regales over the marriage of Prince Williams of House of Windsor to his fiancée Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton, grand loots take place in the financial derivatives markets across borders. The same lootings, which caused the Asian financial meltdown and recessions in the USA and Europe, are being masterminded by greedy oligarchs who are directly linked to Queen Elizabeth, world’s wealthiest woman.

Knowing inner circle truths about such crimes and maybe others led to Diana’s death—by extermination that was made to appear as accident.
Diana knew too much about the dirty engagements of the Windsor family & cronies of financiers and their underworld operators.

Remember that before Diana died, she was involved in an advocacy for the banning of land mines, an advocacy that won her accolades and praises. The land mine owners (investors) directly connect to Q.Elizabeth, and so are the few hundreds of select pals constituting a hierarchy of evil called the ‘Committee of 300’ (see John Coleman’s book Committee of 300).

I just joined the Sunday Kapihan circle in Manila in 1998 when I got unwind right away of the investigative journalistic report exposing the foul play in Diana’s death. Upon the invitation of then Education Undersecretary Butch Valdez, whose daughter was my student at De La Salle University, I was brought into the circle of brilliant minds. The same circle published the magazine Independent Review, edited by the illustrious entrepreneur & opinion columnist Herman ‘Mentong’ Laurel (owner of Goto King and Mama Rosa restaurant chains).

The Independent Review economists and analysts are allies of the US economist Lyndon LaRouche who founded the prestigious Executive Intelligence Review. One of LaRouche’s trusted analysts is Mr. Tannenbaum, who collated the information regarding Princess Diana’s mysterious death and reported the daring expose about the assassination or extermination angle of that death.

Knowing all too well the dirty operations of the Windsor family across the globe doesn’t at all render me the least sympathetic to the latest wedding. I could already see that around couples of months from now, the bride Middleton will begin to uncover incontrovertible truths about the dark nature of the family she got integrated into. The sweetest moments, eclipsed by the honeymoon, can instantly turn into a nightmare of the most dreaded proportions.

Secrecy marked the death of Diana, so much that even her own sons could have been befuddled by the rather mafia-style pledge of secrecy that went with it. But the boys of Diana were already participating in inner rituals of the family, so that it didn’t take them long to accept the significance of ‘omerta’ or code of silence. Some day the boys will grow up to become major players in the games of the global oligarchs, and they are now at the age threshold for operations of those games.

Just to share to you an example of the dirty games:

In 1992, the Quantum Group, led by George Soros, was tasked to conduct a sizzling attack versus the British pound sterling. The experience was to serve as a test case for currency attacks, and no less than Britain, home of the Windsor family, was used as the guinea pig for the operations. Within just couples of days of operations, the value of the British currency was badly pounded by brickbats of attacks, and quickly had its effects felt on the commodities trading, stock markets, and finally on other economic sectors.

The Bank of England did what it can to salve the situation by direct intervention in the market. But the volume of currency trade and the dumping of portfolio (derivatives) investments that accompanied it were simply too much for the central bank. The Bank admittedly gave up on its seemingly heroic act, while the financiers whom Soros fronted for felt happy over the gargantuan boons they received. And that was just England by the way, for there were more later attacks to come, such as the ‘Asian flu’ of 1997 masterminded by the same Elizabethan operators & cronies.

[Philippines, 01 May 2011]
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