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This week’s self-care card is Reflect – Keep your eyes open. Joy lives in small places.

The card is so lovely. The woman is sitting down on the beige and mauve tile floor and her gorgeous dark blue velvet dress is flowing around her. Her right arm is folded under her left arm. Her chin is resting on her left hand which is laying on her bare right shoulder and we can see the delicate strap of the dress. Her brunette hair is pulled back to where we can only see the dark blue matching scarf in it. A lovely blue morpho butterfly is sitting on the right side of her head. The lady is focusing on the clear crystal ball that is sitting on the floor in front of her. Behind her, we can see two large columns and a railing off to the left. Beyond that area, we can see a telescope, where the stairs lead down to the lake. At the end of the stairs, we see a tall pole with a spire on top, perhaps a pole to tie off a boat. Beyond the lake are gentle, rolling mountains enveloped in a mauve mist. The sun is rising or setting behind them and reflecting on the tranquil water.

Ahh, if this were a log cabin, I’d be in heaven. J I think we get so busy in our lives, that we can forget the little things in life. And these little things can be things that make us happy, or they actually may be significant from another point of view. When I walk outside at my house, I truly notice the breeze unlike I used to. I feel it, take it in, and appreciate it. It is not just a breeze that frequently blows, but something that has become part of life and part of me. While this breeze used to irritate me as it tangled my hair or blew empty dog food bowls across the porch (as it is doing right now), I’ve learned to pull my hair back and relish the clanging of the bowls. The breeze brings me joy, especially on a hot and humid day. On the other hand, when we can help others, that can bring us joy. If we take time to see, hear and feel the little things in life, we might find a treasure that will help us on our journey. I’m finding myself focusing on the little details in life. It could be something someone says in our conversation or something I see at work or when I’m out. Something will resonate and I’ll think to myself, I can apply this to help others. Or maybe it is a book I’ve read before or a quote I’ve heard and I think to myself, this is good stuff. I can use this. So let your eyes become like a telescope and find the joy in small places. You never know what you’ll find if you take the time to gaze.



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