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An Interview With Doctor, Specialist in Fertility Issues and Master of Holistic, Ayurvedic, Chinese and Shamanic Medicine, Shiva.

Ashley: are woman more sensible while on their monthly?? To energy and everything….. i mean

Shiva: Yes women have a hormonal reaction during the time of the period or Menstruation. Though this can manifest itself differently in different people, especially once the woman has aligned herself with the moon cycles, she will experience a much different menstruation experience

Ashley: I’ve noticed everything is heightened

Shiva: Yes, the large fluctuations of hormones will affect the glands. This is why women may be seen getting over emotional or if they have been affected more heavily due to social pressures and educational and media manipulation will react by getting physical pains and large attitudes. (innocent smile)

Ashley: How do I align myself with the moon??

Shiva: When you are able to go back and clean out the negative emotions you have hidden you will then be able to start the process of aligning yourself to the moon. As for now, keep staying happy. There are some specific practices and tonics that can be used and taken to help make this natural connection pass smoother and quicker. Since all people are slightly different, each case is different. If concerned about this, you can contact me personally.

Also, When you are menstruating you should avoid as much activity as possible.

Ashley: So no running and working out 0.o?

Shiva: Hah, No. Only WorkOut Should Be Silent Meditation. This time of the month is actually a very divine time. The menstruation is as divine as the male semen but in their own ways.

Ashley: I knew it!!! I knew that there is something very special about it..divine.

Shiva: Yes, As a man who ejaculates too often will not have the spiritual energy to integrate higher connection with spirit, a women who works during her menstruation will not either.

Ashley: Ahh I see.

Shiva: The stupidity of our culture has made most women think it is a bother and a poor aspect of being a women. When it is in fact completely the opposite!

Ashley: Yes they have. I used to never get cramps…now I get very very small ones once in a while…if at all.

Shiva: You should be devoted to the passing of your egg and as you age, you will remain with eggs as powerful as the eggs before. A woman who works during her menstruation will have weaker eggs as she grows older. This Creates a Potential For Complications in The Child Birth and gene pool connections.

Ashley: what should be my focus? Should I meditate on something specifically?

Shiva: Your focus should be on the root chakra. All meditations Should visualize the color Red and give thanks to having been given another chance to hold the potential for infinite life within your body.

During this time many women try to avoid the feelings. But using this time to let go of old, staggering emotions, through the root chakra, can work very effectively. In the Menstruation one is letting go of the small piece of infinite potential that could expand into who knows how many generations of life.

One egg we do not look at as very much. But a few thousand human eggs eventually led to nearly 7 billion people on the planet. Each egg is very sacred, whether the egg is fertilized or not, its sacredness lives in its potential.

Ashley: What is the best thing to eat… or drink because I just asked mom that? This is want the woman want to know.

Shiva: Foods should be very clean and cleansing. The body has also spent the past month preparing the uterus for a baby. Since the baby has not come the inside blood and mucus is actually semi fermented and slightly toxic.

However, it is no crime for a woman to listen to her bodies cravings at this time. I will say “If You Crave it, Its Safe to Say You Should Probably Take it.” There certainly exist many foods that your hormonal elevation could react positively too. Chocolate or better Raw Cacao Smoothie, Banana or Serotonin elevated fruits. You may have your own comfort food, connected with a memory or recurring experience. This is good.

However, do avoid fats, milks, oils and anything that would slow the expulsion process down. And if your “Good Times” Craving is something not such a good find for the body, follow up with sufficient water and maybe a carrot and beet juice extraxt.

Ashley: I’m not on any pill or depot shot…because I don’t think that’s very healthy or nice at all. What’s your input on that?

Shiva: The pill is very bad. Or anything else that may mess with the regularity of the menstruation cycle. Sex really should be a 3rd and 4th dimensional activity, but most people desire it and make it a 2nd and 3rd. Not getting into morals, the pills throws off the natural movement of the egg, which even if not connected with the lunar cycle should be regular and consistent.

Ashley: Then that’s good I havent done it in a long time, and don’t plan to… do tell what happens when a woman messes with herself and how that effects it?

Shiva: When the menstruation becomes irregular it begins to compound toxins in ovarian walls. These toxins will affect future eggs and more so if a woman waits to get pregnant until she is older as most women are these days, it has significant risk at increasing the potential for an unhealthy mixture of the genetics.

If the women never plans to have babies, it will still negatively affect her entire blood supply, leading to very unpredictable and erratic illnesses.

It is the potential of the egg that the (FASTEST) Sperm can fulfill. Now that means the mans job is to keep as much speed as possible down there, the womans…. as much potential. if the harmony of the menstruation is not respected this potential is significantly decreased.

Eric is a certified Yoga Teacher as well as Ayurvedic Therapist. After Studying Western Medicine for 2 years in University He went to India to to develop a more complete understanding of health and wellness. For the Past 5 years he as been working with, teaching and studying with ancient western traditions as well as Eastern traditions, including Mayan and Inca Shamanism. Holistically Awesome, very few traditions escape the grasp of his understanding.

Eric is a certified Yoga Teacher, Mayan Cosmologist, Chinese acupuncturist as well as Ayurvedic Therapist. After Studying Western Medicine for 2 years in University He went to India to to develop a more complete understanding of health and wellness. For the Past 7 years he as been working with, teaching and studying with ancient western traditions as well as Eastern traditions, including Mayan and Inca Shamanism, the vedas, chinese Medicine and Alchemy. Holistically Awesome, very few traditions escape the grasp of his understanding.

*Spread This As You Wish, SAY SHIVA TOLD YA

Shaman (md.) Eric The Jade Buddha Budd

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