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I am writing this to ALL ANIMAL LOVERS!!

I have a dear friend, Mary Keating, who lives in Ireland and she has a cat sanctuary, the Ai

Kansha cat sanctuary in Beagh, Askeaton, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

She has been there for 13 years, and has had problems over the years from neighbors killing her

animals in horrible ways. This action has recently escalated over the last few months. She has

had one of her dogs (now deceased) shot 5 different times, has had cats stabbed, hanged,

poisoned, and has even found a cat carcass which was skinned just outside her property. She

actually had someone enter her home and literally stomp one of her cats to death while she was

gone to town. People have came into her home while she was away and removed animals she had in

rooms all to themselves. She has tried to get the local police to take action, and she has been

stonewalled and ignored. I called them myself from the U.S. and they had the attitude this

wasn’t their problem, and I needed to contact animal welfare.

She also has a major problem with fox hunters allowing their hounds to go onto her property to

savagely attack her rescues, even though there are laws against this. August 1st last year, she

woke to find packs of coursing hounds tearing her little rescue cats apart on her land,

although she has notices on her gate stating hunting is prohibited and that the place is a

sanctuary. When she phones the police, they don’t follow through, disparage her claims, and

thus the attacks continue, unchallenged.

Despite these horrific and malicious attacks, this is truly an amazing place for often times

severely ill, and deformed animals. Many miraculous healings have occurred here, the cats are

actually a very unusual and special clan, living in harmony, many of whom have healing powers,

this is true and verifiable. Mary is a spiritual healer, homeopath, flower remedy practitioner,

and former nurse. She wishes to relocate her sanctuary to a more animal friendly location.

The time has arrived to highlight these adversarial conditions, in order that people do the

jobs they are paid to do, and further attacks on these ultra special animals are prohibited.

Many have suffered terribly and died in terror at the hands of these perpetrators, who live in

the same locality but have no fear of apprehension.

Local animal welfare govt. funded agencies are unhelpful and when she phoned them she was

informed of their Policy of euthanizing FIV positive cats, they act on the incorrect assumption

that FIV is spread through shared feeding bowls when in fact it can only be spread through

fight wounds, is not zoonotic, and these cats can actually lead long and happy lives as house

cats. This is an automatic policy in Ireland, she was shocked and horrified. They referred her

back to the guards, who referred her back to law, who then referred her back to the animal

welfare organization. Every effort she has made to report these criminals has been thwarted by

the local police force, and no animal welfare or organization has responded or even returned

her calls.

This is Ireland's way of dealing with animal welfare. When Mary explained she treated her

animals with homeopathy she was informed they did not believe in homeopathy and FIV is

incurable and the cats must be put down. There exists a total lack of cohesion, transparency

and cooperation in Ireland and as a result no action has been taken over the 13 years these

horrific events have occurred.

This is the internet, and we have access to literally millions of people. This dear woman needs

some assistance in receiving some support. She pays for this all on her disability pension by

the way, and doesn't even receive donations to support her sanctuary. She does this alone, with

no volunteers.

She has already taken an active role in contacting the minister of justice, and

al these local ’authorities’. She is also in contact with several animal welfare agencies she

has found online. Change happens when we come together as a group. It is easy to ignore one

person, much harder to ignore when many bring this to their attention! Help Mary and her

beloved pets receive the justice and protection she is asking for, and is their duty to provide

while they collect their paychecks.

I would like to ask you to please give her some support in anyway you feel comfortable. I am

including phone numbers, address's and web sites (where available) so you can contact these

places, voice your views, and force them to do the jobs they agreed to do!

If you could just take a moment to pick up the phone, or send out an email it would be deeply
appreciated. Or if you can just forward this page to others to make them Aware! If you would like to
donate I am also including a pay pal link. Anything you can do to help support Mary and these very special animals is a blessing!!

Here is contact information for those Mary is trying to get to do their jobs, and provide the

support and protection they are paid to do.

You can direct your emails to,,,

or if you prefer to call, telephone to superintendent 353(country code)-613-601-637 query why

police have repeatedly failed to follow through on complaints of attacks on Ai Kansha cat

sanctuary, Beagh, Askeaton, Co. Limerick.

If you wish to donate to the cause:


We thank you in advance for all your help. Many blessings to YOU!!

Sheila, Mary, and the Furries




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