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In the silence of remembrance You can hear the sacred sound Of creation - first intention For the birth of All that is. In the depth of pure essence You can feel that this is Love And the first revealed vibration Is that Light in your heart. In the sequence of lifepaths You can see the spiral way And return to first foundations, But with treasures to display. With the fruits of your spirit You are rich with joys of life - Based on lessons of experience You can build the new realms. First you co-create your Heaven on the Earth that's going high Through the golden core connecting Source of Life with new design Of the human - in perfection, Of the being - in its blaze, Of revealing Love in action Integrating all in GRACE. And unique in your fullness You are leaving your root Your power is increasing, But you use it all for good. And ascending through dimensions, You will search the Highest truth - It's in you, in your center, Activating life in you. So remember your focus, Radiate the Light of Peace Be the Source for new creations That emerge from your bliss.