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Sometimes as a tarot card reader/psychic/intuitive I receive the skepticism followed by the confirmations - yet all the while I think that intuition is LESS about the future events that are coming and MORE about the choices we can make in utlizing our intuition. Often the spiritual component of intuition is overlooked in favor of where's my job, my love, my life that I want. This is all understandable because we all want and even if that wanting is to not want, we still on some level want. Out intuition serves as the door that opens yet to the unknown so to often we take a peek a close it or we don't understand what is there so we disbelieve it. Yet, our intuition is the gateway to the higher self - the all knowing consciousness that can guide us toward enlightenment. Trust is hard certainly when we live in a world that wants proof for everything - so we demand this proof before we allow yet when we allow intuition we receive the proof.

We all have a direct channel to spirit - yes I am a channeler for others yet one of my best moments is when the person comes to me and tells me how they are beginning to trust their own intuition and open to spirit. It is amazing to see someone who may be a skeptic begin to really feel, really trust, really open and then see the results of that opening.

Intention and prayer may be us talking to god/goddess/all that is but intuition is god/goddess/all that is- talking to us. In fact, the whole world can bring us intuitive messages - the ancient gurus and oracles knew that - consult a cloud, watch a bird, sense the wind, feel the energy of spirit around you and then contemplate upon the message and trust.

It takes time to trust, to sit and meditate on a cloud rolling by slowly. We want answers now but in the unfolding of an answer is the greatest wisdom. As we contemplate a message receive we learn more about ourselves. I often cannot channel yes or no responses to clients because there is no definitive yes or no but the free will choice of their intentions and actions. When we reclaim our intuitive self we reclaim our right to connect to our higher consciousness and to trust fully in the universe. Intention and intuition are companions on our path to self-discovery.

I know I speak so much of trust but once I was asked how I do it - and I replied that even if the most seemingly ridiculous idea is coming forth I allow it because when it comes forth it does not then seem so ridiculous - it is only our judgment of intuitive knowledge and perhaps fear as well that stops the flow. But I also know that all intuitive knowledge can not be fear based or be controlled so we filter through the test of is this good for my higher self, my soul purpose, or is this coming from a state of fear?

Spirituality and intuition are like the fish and the fishing rod, the fish await the rod to be planted into the stream not to be caught but to be explored. Or perhaps a better analogy is spirituality and intuition are like opening a window to at first a small drift of air but once trusted, opening the window wide, to allow the breeze to flow in as it is needed.

We can all develop our intuition through time, patience and an ability to trust in our higher selves.

My spirit sees your spirit and together we are one.
Mary Ann