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[Question: How do we creatively reconcile and integrate these two energetic polarities? :) ~ES]

FULL MOON IN TAURUS: Thurs., Nov. 10, 2011 - MOON@18:05 Taurus opposite SUN@18:05 Scorpio - 12:16PM PST/3:16PM EST

Intuitive Message for the Taurus Full Moon:
The Eternal Promise
by Julia Bondi

Light and darkness, spring and fall, stability and transformation…the alchemy of this Scorpio* [correction:*Taurus ~ES] Full Moon - as the Sun transits Scorpio and the Moon transits Taurus- is birthing a more conscious and equitable value system as the old, outworn system is self destructing. In Taurus’s month of May the Sun is warming, bright and full of the promise of summer; by Scorpio’s November the ghosts and goblins have rung the doorbells and gone, the winter storms are setting in and the evenings are ever darker. It is time to enter the coming darkness of winter. The green leaves of May have fallen to the ground ready to become compost for next year’s spring.

Taurus embodies the eternal promise of summer’s riches while Scorpio’s shadow knows all riches turn to dust. Each value system, financial structure, global economic arrangement begins full of promise initially delivering growth, goods and improving conditions; each system eventually stagnates, no longer delivering what was promised. The pain of contraction, fear, dreams turning to dust, savings disappearing is terrifying. Scorpio’s terror is the grist for the mill of transforming the system that is no longer nourishing those for whom it was developed, for whom it is now delivering pain. A global governing system created in the glow of the west’s victory in World War II is now teetering on the edge of disaster. The leaves and fruits of the long past spring have fallen, the branches are now bare.

The Arab spring toppled dictators who had hoarded the people’s wealth, the global 99%’s movement’s fall is toppling the financial elite’s grip on the harvest of the people’s productivity. As this Full Moon nears, the heads of state of Greece and Italy are being forced to resign as Europe grapples with a union that must transform and the world faces a financial market system that cannot deliver an equitable world. Scorpio is hounding us all with its stark truths that we must transform our systems to serve the needs of world but what shall we do. In this darkness of fall, no one is offering a solution to our growing problems.

Taurus holds the key to Scorpio’s transformation. Scorpio has masterfully forced the world to see the mess we have made, the destruction wrought as unemployment spreads worldwide, debts proliferate throughout the developed countries as their institutions and leaders wielding the reins offer few answers. Taurus know the simple truth that once we enter Scorpio’s terrors, facing our fears that all is lost, we find that we have the stamina to hope again, to seek what is real, what is of genuine quality, to know that we can come through these dark waters transformed and ready for a new spring of growth.

The streets, plazas and parks of the world are filled with people of all walks of life talking about, creating a living vision of, and developing a new horizontal, cooperative, consensus building world that values each person’s worth. As Scorpio encourages us to rid ourselves of dictators, banks and systems that do not serve us, Taurus is building real values that can become the seeds of a renewed value system - which can create an equitable world in which life can thrive.

© 2011 Julia Bondi
All rights reserved

© All rights reserved.


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