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Are you enjoying the moment right now? Completely? Absolutely and without the slightest hint of resistance? Are you present, awake and alive? Do you have the energy to meet this moment as it is right now? Do you know why you are here or what you Life Purpose is? Are you Happy? If you answered yes, please contact me, I would like to interview you for an upcoming collaborative project. Just click the link and use the form to tell me a little bit about yourself and how you have come to this place of self-realization. However, if you are like I was, it is more likely that there will be some hesitation… some introspection and finally a reserved No, or at the very least a deep sigh and an, “I’m not sure…” Let’s get real here… If you can’t answer those questions without hesitation and confirm through the very essence of you’re being the affirmation of your way, then perhaps there is work to do. I say perhaps because there is a choice now. I am asking you very directly and you are compelled to answer these questions, however it is not I whom you answer. This journey is very personal. If you choose to embark on this path to self-discovery, I will tell you… It will be filled with adventure… You will come to know you… There will be battles won and lost… There can be pain and suffering… It can be arduous and unrelenting… There will be great Joy… and much sorrow. You will face your demons… You may feel despair… You might falter… AND, You will uncover what you have hidden, even from yourself… The actual You, that came to this experience to be… the brilliant shining light of that which Created us, the Infinite Source energy that also is ever-present all around us all the time. It is funny, now as I look back. The choice for me, it turns out was life or death. I don’t say that to create drama by any means, but rather to convey the obvious. Life force and energy all around us, flowing throughout all that is. If we break it right down, the choice is this… Do I allow that energy to flow in and through me and my life experience? Yes… well then I am supporting and choosing life! No… then I am offering resistance, which is a choice and the life force stops. Death comes… perhaps not right away, but resistance crushes life. Resistance staunches the flow that is available to all Creation. Resistance is the antithesis of Life! My good friend, Leah, offered me this once. “…antiquated systems come to a state of perturbation, that signals the need for a change (choice point), and they either grow… or die.” Semantics now, energetically speaking as I have a completely different understanding gained from direct experience than I ever did when I answered those questions just 5 short years ago. But along the way, as it was all being revealed, I had much fear and worry about so many things. It was all consuming and I was in a state of perturbation. And thus continued a Journey that started so long ago… I began to remember that I was the Hero of this Journey. The hero always wins in the end and that made all the difference. The choice is yours to make. Here and now, in this moment… FOR YOU! Here is the good news! You are not the only one… There are many like you and like me. We are in this together. We look around and see the resistance out there and recognize that the way we have been engaged wasn’t’ helping the situation, nor serving ourselves in the process. We got tired and perhaps illness set in or relationships, career or family suffered. There may have even been a moment of feeling completely lost. All of these things happened to me and more, so I can offer some perspective. I have come to see that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as the way I went, with all the twists, turns and detours… There is a straighter path as it were… More good news! I had help at every step along the way… The support I needed to move from that unhappy, unhealthy and resistive person showed up. I may not have always seen it that way, but hindsight and introspection have helped. That is how the Universe works. Once you have aligned yourself to your truth and asked for the answers, they will come. All you have to do is be awake, present and alive, completely conscious so as to feel the answers when they show up to guide you to the next steps. You are never alone. Creation is always occurring and when we align to it and release the resistance, stuff starts showing up… You may say, “but Marc… There is so much ________________ in my life right now, how will I ever get past it?” Well, last bit of good news for now… What you are seeing in your life is a product of the old ways. These are manifestations and creations from your old experience. There may be some house cleaning that occurs, but don’t worry… you won’t be doing anything that goes against your highest good. Right now, I suggest that you place a moratorium on your experience and completely surrender right now to the way it is… Sigh a breath of relief now as all that weight is lifted. It is what it is, until it isn’t anymore. Aho! Take a few moments now to yourself and be grateful. Even write it down or type into a document… Better yet, start a journal… It is likely to help another someday. Breathe… When you are ready, consider this. This is the year for happiness, health, wealth and prosperity. Claim it! Begin now, the Soul Journey to Consciousness and start your process of self-discovery. Give yourself these first few months to begin your inquiry. Start slowly, but diligently. Your guides and teachers are already all around you and the information you seek is within. If you would like a place to start, consider the 2-week Journey to Remembering excerpted from Heroes of the Now which you can link to free here by subscribing to the exclusive newsletter. We only get one shot at this lifetime… and I know you want to make your world a better place and carry Love and Peace in your heart. We really do make a difference when we stop resisting and begin to contribute to a new experience… Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin. the Buffalo Diaries