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Hot Blue Sky

Message from Captain Denovo, Federation of Light       
channeled 8/16/10  by Hot Blue Sky - who appears below as 'Me"

"Captain. -  Greetings beloved divine beings.  I am Captain Denovo, of the Federation of Light.
It is my pleasure to greet you, bright and gleaming spirits of love and light. 
The grids are shifting, and the dimensions are growing closer together. 
How powerful you are now!  The old dense energies are breaking up and falling away, but still each of you emerge from them into the light, soft, pure, and beautiful. 
I caution that everyone now take care, and gather together as The Ascended,
greeting each other with all love and light, and no longer with any fear or hate. Maintain for all, your higher vibrations,
and do not let the old troubles of a dense 3D world affect your peace and serenity.

Me - Will you please stop talking so damn fast!  I'm trying to write this shit down.
Capt. - Yes,  This is indeed why you are loved and adored so much by us. 
You struggle so valiantly, to survive and to succeed, and we always feel so polite, and formal, in your presence.

Me - Presents?!  Cool.  Did you really bring us presents?
Capt. - No. No, we did not bring presents.  We are here to watch you.
Me - Well, heck, how polite is that?  Isn't this gonna be our birthday?
Capt. - Not yet.  When the time comes, you will have no need of presents.
Me - Okay.  No presents.  :(   You are just here to watch us.  But, that really creeps me out, you know, being watched. 
I don't think I like being watched, especially, if you don't have any presents for us.  How about if we *change* this plan,
and you stop watching us, and give us a few presents?  eh?

Capt. - The plan, is of a higher order, and complicated beyond your comprehension. 
It is beautiful and divine in it's blissful purity.  I assure you, all things are as they should be, and will progress in divine order. 
There is no need to fear, as all will happen as appointed.

Me - That's a 'No' isn't it?
Capt. - Yes.
Me - Okay, then why travel here to watch something, when you already freaking know what is going to happen anyway?
Capt. - Observing the divine plan, and your glorious transformations, is nothing but pure joy for us.
Me - I bet. . .  So, can you say why you were all here so darn early then?
Capt. - Everyone arrived at their appointed times, and all is as it should be.
Capt. - Now, returning to my message. -
Capt. - I bring you greetings from the Council of 27.
Me - Where are they?
Capt. - Who?
Me - The Council of 27.  Where are they?  Why aren't they here?
Capt. - they are always with you.  There is no need to fear.  I only represent them by my message. 
I bring you all their greetings, through my single voice, - more easy for you to channel, than all 27 at once, you understand.

Me - So, they are off somewhere, like at an office party, or something?
Capt. - Something like that.
Me - So then, like, are you the loser guy that has to stay at the office and cover the phones? 
Why are you here with me, and not at the party with them?  Is that maybe why you drew in a novice channeler like me for this?

Capt. - *dial tone*
Me- Oh freakin great, I lost him!  Probably drove under a space bridge or something.  They need better 4G."
Okay.  Well there it is!   It was kinda short, I know, but it was really super great! 
It feels so official. What a head rush!
I was so excited to get an answer back, that I just had to post it up right away.

written and channeled by - Hot Blue Sky
(C) Permission to distribute, as long as proper credit is given, and message unchanged.

Love & Blessings!
P.S. - somebody help me out here - fill me in on why exactly do us channelers have copy protection for these messages? 
Doesn't that sort of  inhibit the spread of important messages, or not?  I don't get it.