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Aquarian New Moon - Jan. 23, 2012
~Kelley Hunter

This is the New Moon that marks Chinese New Year. 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, an ancient symbol of benevolent power, visionary potency and creative wisdom, typically calmer than other dragons. Every 12th year from 2012 is a Dragon year, with those born in 1992 and 1952 being Water Dragons.

At 3 degrees, the Sabian Symbol that gives imagery to suggest the story line of this New Moon reads:
"A deserter from the navy stands suddenly aware of a dawning truth: freedom is never the result of compromise."

This image surely speaks to the powerful political-economic transformation in progress in this pivotal year. More and more people are aware that the "System" is not working, is not honorable. This New Moon strongly forwards revolutionary Uranus in its new initiatives and is likely to bring forth expanding dimensions of Occupy, spreading into new directives. In Aries, Uranus is an activist.

Illustrating this New Moon's Sabian Symbol image of the navy deserter in a rather literal way, former Navy Seal Bill Wood gave a courageous interview, released last week by Project Camelot. He spoke of his special ops team sent into Iraq from 1992-2000 for what must be called "terrorist" acts to prepare for the eventually US invasion of Iraq. More and more information is coming out about what is going on behind the scenes.

I am one of those born from 1949-1956 with Uranus in Cancer. Uranus is squaring my Uranus, a time in life when I, as a member of this Uranus generation, wake up and feel that it is time to participate, to respond to a larger need. We Uranus in Cancer people are community weavers, among other things. This Cosmic News list is one of my weavings, thanks for being part of this web.

As the Uranus-Pluto square heats up, it is imperative that we awaken (Uranus) to what is going on under the surface and behind the scenes (Pluto). This Cosmic News report gets way more political than it ever has. My focus continues to be on the consciousness shift and how we are experiencing it personally and planetarily. That is what I am most interested in (impersonal Uranus in personal Cancer). Of all signs, Aquarius is one of the most socially-minded, though it is also capable of distancing itself--which can promote objectivity or unconscious denial. The latter is a downside of Neptune in Aquarius, which is in effect for two more weeks.

When NEPTUNE MOVES INTO PISCES on February 3, for the next 14 years, we won't be able to distance ourselves so easily. We'll all be swimming in the same seas. What vibrational quality will you be contributing to the re-dreaming of the collective dream?

CHIRON AND VENUS are in Pisces now, so the dream is being healed, dreamed and re-dreamed. I watched Cave of Forgotten Dreams last night. Chauvet Cave in southern France was discovered in December, 1994, with Black Moon in Taurus then, as now, revealing Earth mysteries. It holds the oldest cave art yet found, from 35,000 years ago: powerful, evocative depictions of ice age animals "miraculously" preserved in a cave that has since grown a sparkling calcite floor and cathedral-like stalactites. Ochre hand-prints, skulls of bear and man, paw prints of wolf alongside footprints of young boy tell stories buried in our ancestral human memories and in Earth archives. New discoveries in so many fields are helping us rewrite our history and expand our vision of where we have been so we can open new vistas into where we may be heading.

on the 23-24th, as if in honor of the New Moon. It's like the pause button. Stop, slow down, tune in. What is the best response to the situation? Is your action in harmony? Is it timely? What are the top priorities in your life? Everything else is of lesser importance. How are you using your time? If you are not sure what to do, pause and center yourself. Check reactive impulses, so that action proceeds with more organic intelligence.

Mars in Virgo is responsive to what is going on, including Nature and the shifting rhythms of the Earth. Listen to your body. What does your physical instrument want to be doing? We can reset our priorities around the cellular wisdom of our bodies. This is an especially good time to clean up your diet, erase self-critical tendencies and whatever else will enhance your body's natural energy flow. It may feel like things are stalled, that not much is happening. No use fighting it. Mars can react in frustration to no good result. Do what can be done. Go back over things and make improvements. Use the time to attend to small things, to clean your desk, your closets, get the little jobs done that there never seems to be time for. It will make a difference in the end. For one thing, it will give Uranus in Aries more room to move if the clutter is out of the way!

Philip Sedgwick caught the organic intelligence of Mars in Virgo in his recent Galactic Times (
"one must be like the fox crossing the ice, as noted in the I-Ching. Listen carefully, feel everything, watch your environment like a hawk, and pay attention to your guts and hackles."

The station (turn-around) point is 24 Virgo. Mars continues in backward motion and brighter (on the same side of the Sun as Earth), reaching all the way back to 3 degrees before it pivots forward on April 14. Any planets you have between 3 and 24 Virgo will be energized by Mars. Many born in the 1960s decade have both Uranus and Pluto in this territory.
The 24 Virgo station point of Mars gives us another significant Sabian Symbol to add to our story: "A Children's Book Pictures Little Mary and Her Lamb."
This becomes a story-within-a-story, as child-like openness offers fresh perspectives, even a kind of innocence. This brings back to a feeling of "first-story," basic images from childhood that have impressed themselves on our views of life.

If we continue to draw this picture of young Mary and her lamb, we may put a shepherd's crook in her hand and place in on a mountainside, or near a field of grain. Now we find ourselves in the realm of Ceres.

GODDESS of the GRAIN, the planetoid CERES has moved into Aries to join Uranus. As I was writing this Cosmic News, the following article came across my email screen, sent by my double Aquarius soul sister, Mary (see her photo above):
"On January 31, family farmers will take part in the first phase of a court case filed to protect farmers from genetic trespass by Monsanto’s GMO seed, which contaminates organic and non-GMO farmer’s crops and opens them up to abusive lawsuits. In the past two decades, Monsanto’s seed monopoly has grown so powerful that they control the genetics of nearly 90% of five major commodity crops including corn, soybeans, cotton, canola and sugar beets."
This is affecting farmers in other parts of the world, who are now dependent on Monsanto seeds. Far-seeing groups are collecting and saving seeds from crop varieties for long-term agricultural health.
"Oh, beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain." [from America, the Beautiful, the US national anthem that Ceres wrote]

One of the most powerful planetary dynamics of this New Moon is a square (a dynamic 90 degree relationship in the circle of the zodiac) between the Aquarian New Moon and the current Jupiter-Black Moon Lilith combo in practical earth sign Taurus. I've written about this in the last couple Cosmic News, as well as my books (Living Lilith and Black Moon Lilith.

[also see YouTube trailer of a presentation on Lilith I gave at the Theosophical Society U.S. headquarters:

Big, brilliant Jupiter reigns overhead at sunset, expanding the impact the invisible mathematical point that defines the second focal point of the Moon's orbit around Earth. This inscrutable vortex is known as the Black Moon and named Lilith. This deep space cosmic goddess potentizes the manifestations of Jupiter in Taurus, like succussing a homeopathic remedy (shaking it so the subtle energy is fully released). Taurus is a sign of substance. This combo stretches the Tree of Wisdom from Heaven to Earth and back again. Reach high and dig your roots deep. Taurus rules the throat, so speak the truth of your experience. Taurus is the money sign: what do believe about this medium of exchange and its value? Dig deep to find the resources that are there for you like hidden treasure. Where does your treasure lie?

As the most activated dynamic of this particular New Moon cycle, you can bet there are financial finagling going on behind the scenes that can have a significant impact on society. Surely we see the signs in the shaky euro, the soap bubble dollar, and the prevalent economic stress.

We can each make a huge contribution to the collective consciousness, to the emerging new vision, by getting real about what is truly meaningful in our own immediate experience.
Jupiter has to do with belief systems. Black Moon Lilith is asking us to note and suspend our belief systems so that her Black Madonna aspect can manifest miracles. These are not Pollyanna, pie-in-the-sky miracles, no. These are huge trees growing from small seeds miracles, Natural and even Super-Natural miracles. These are Eyes Wide Open miracles of how life can change in the blink of that eye--relativity speaking.


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