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I share this note I received on January 21, with Permission from it's author; Peter McGugan. His site:
Wow, the internet stifling SOPA and PIPA legislations suddenly collapsed yesterday!

SOPA and PIPA were crucial for an emerging militaristic order to gain more control of the global economy, global media and the internet. These proposed acts had been secretly in the works for years.
SOPA and PIPA would have allowed U.S. federal administrations to shut down any websites in their crosshairs, using copyright infringement as the excuse.

SOPA and PIPA would have begun a global domino effect that would have collapsed freedom and Life's potentials on Earth.

The Arab Spring, The Occupy Movement, protests and every other social consciousness movement for freedom and environmental responsibility organizes through the internet.

John Stewart equates the SOPA and PIPA bills with trying to control teen pregnancy by encasing the penises of young men in concrete, poured directly into their pants from cement mixing trucks.


Sensing the congressional and senate bills beginning to crumble, we decided to send you yesterday's email, encouraging a final flurry of emails for the congressional members sponsoring SOPA—so they’d have a lot to consider on Monday. As I was writing that email, hoping it could be the final straw that would collapse SOPA and PIPA next week, the collapse was already in free-fall.


How did this happen so quickly?

New science is proving that greed collapses quality of life and that greed is addictive. It turns hearts into black holes of sucking insatiability. When higher consciousness shines into the greed addicts' minds and hearts, evil is overexposed and it collapses.

Evil can only flourish in the chaotic darkness of unconsciousness. And we shone the light of higher consciousness so brightly that the sponsoring members in both the Senate and Congress killed the acts.

To me this is proof that people of higher consciousness are NOT here to be passive and silent—to just try to meditate evil away. Upon meeting the Dalai Lama in India in 1996, Marianne Williamson asked, “If enough of us meditate, will that save the world?

He responded with, “If we want to save the world we must have a plan. But no plan will work unless we meditate.”

Without masses of us BEing higher, more enlightened and expansive consciousness, and activating that through wise and peaceful plans, greed addicts will continue to collapse quality of life here on Schoolhouse Earth—this boot camp for souls.

We put a stop to one of the vital elements of their plan and we’ve got a HUGE reason to celebrate freedom this weekend.

Our Community of Consciousness helped convince Wikipedia and other sites to go dark Wednesday. Our thousands of emails projected the light of our higher consciousness right into the unconsciousness of the political pawns in Congress.

Let’s all consciously and peacefully continue to activate our higher consciousness to resist the low consciousness agendas of a few greed addicted members of a few dysfunctionally wealthy families.

As we free ourselves, we free them too.

A great Renaissance of Consciousness is happening now. This is a day to celebrate, a sweet spot in time.

Peter McGugan

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I believe the energies of love are transforming our world. Let's Celebrate!!