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Dear Friends,

The period of the great awakening of this planet is upon us...We are truly blessed to be a part of this joyous occasion. Now is the time to completely release from yourself any fear, anxiety, worry or doubt and embrace BELIEF. Belief in things that can not be seen by the eyes but that are FELT in the heart. You are FEELING beings, that is one of the greatest gifts that you have been given. Tap into your heart chakra and FEEL your next step. Now is the time to end your own personal doubts about what you are hearing/feeling from the other dimensions that exist around you. Your feelings are the key to the energy that bring your thoughts into the world of form.

Look intently for the mirrors that are currently showing up in your world. Am I attracting situations and people that bring me to unconditional love and peace, or worry and doubt? These mirrors show you exactly where you are vibrating and which feelings you are projecting into the universal mirror or consciousness. What are you creating my friends? All of you have the power to create this world of illusion into anything your heart desires. Many of you are awakening and realizing that you have done this before that you are part of the Light Family thats sole purpose is to come to this planet at this time through your perfect genetic makeup to bring the consciousness of the planet back into balance and to raise it into the next dimension. You are all perfectly gifted to do this and everything that you feel contributes to this goal. What goal do I speak of? The goal of the entire universe and all of the beings on this planet to help you, that goal is to release the illusion that we are not one and bring us back to the ancient truth that we are all one and that the only thing that exists outside of the illusion is love. WE ARE LOVE WE ARE LIGHT!

It is time to clean your own personal space of any lingering doubts or fears. The beings who are in control of this planet want to keep you locked within your doubts and fears because it is there that you are powerless, REMEMBER who you are. You are the divine creator of this reality and you can shift your course as easily as you flip the light switch on in your home. Every thought that you allow to go out into the collective consciousness effects it. BE THE LIGHT. Allow new beings into your family. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH without FEAR.

This world depends on all of you, the beings that are here helping you depend on you to believe in them so that they can help you, however to believe in them you must my friends first believe in yourself. Now is the time to truly shine no more hiding who you are it is safe to come out and play. Be yourself!! You are so bright and we will be victorious and we will shift this planet easily and effortlessly into the next dimension however we must all be willing to do the work, the inner work of the self. Stay connected to your source. Listen with your heart and together as one we will change the world.

With deep love and respect to all,