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Does this make sense?

When we die the "life after death" is an illusion that souls cling to if they are not fully awakened to the truth that consciousness is eternal and multifaceted. It is the Mental Sheath of the Astral Realm that pretends to still be alive.

It is confusing when some religious groups say there is no life after death but that Jesus will return and make everything new again and we will live forever, like the brochure said that was on my door today. I am thinking,"If there is no life after death then how the hell do you explain demons and ghosts and Jesus coming back from the dead, religious people? But we can explain this if we take the time to define our terms consistently and use physics principles which is what Buddhism is. We use our minds but our minds are not us. There is no life after death BECAUSE, there is only eternal LIFE (Consciousness). Demons and ghosts are MENTAL residue that is caught in the lower astral realms or the HIGHER etheric Planes which is organic life. Ether is the fifth 'element' but mind is an illusion. It is energy but not organic LIFE. That is why we should be wary of messages when we have no idea where they are coming from. Perhaps what the Christian teachings were implying was that there is only one Organic LIFE consciousness that can manifest at many different densities and our ascension now is about this particular density shifting to the next octave but we cannot THINK our way through it or attach to the mind with the mind. It is a natural process that requires the mind and body to be mastered or MANAGED by PURE CONSCIOUSNESS and not the mind of a very limited and small part of the whole. I would not depend upon my reptilian brain to steer my car. I depend upon my higher thinking for that. It is the sort of the same thing. Consciousness is With KNOWING not "With thinking".

A caterpillar does not think his way into a Chrysalis. He intuitively knows consciously what to do and Mother Nature (a program written by the Creative forces of Nature) takes care of the rest.

The goal for us now is to hold our focus on our own conscious awareness as the beings we are, without attachment mentally. If we can do this then we will be able to transcend through death or ascend physically still fully conscious of the transition as it is taking place. Being awake in every moment is the goal and from there matter can be shaped accordingly. But there are ghosts of humans and other creatures that are trying to keep us attached to the astral realm which is not LIFE. It is mind energy trapped in the lower parts of the ether.