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Well, are we there yet? I'm not just cracking wise about this standstill energy that's been the energy de jour
for the past week or's a serious question. Consider this, perhaps we ARE there and just haven't realized
it yet? I mean I've been noticing that we are back in 'holding pattern' again, and so many other folks have said
the same thing I'm wondering if maybe the answer is yes, we are here, but our 3/4D brains haven't twigged to it yet.
Maybe that's why everything seems to have come to such a screeching halt around here the past week or two. It seems
there's nothing new coming out from anywhere. There are still folks out there doing their forums, and radio shows
and blogs and stuff but, it seems everyone has just come so far on their path and then just stopped there. Waiting.
Like we are waiting. For something, but who knows what? The speakers seem to be sorta stuck in their own personal
modality, whatever that might be. The pyramid guys are still talking about pyramids, the UFO folks are still talking
about disclosure, and the conspiracy theory folks are rambling on about the elite cabal and how controlled things are.
I spose the love and light brigade and the channel folks are still doing their thing as well. But doesn't seem like
there is any 'big breaking news' coming from any of those fronts.

Sometimes these diverse groups of folks, pushing energy into their preferred modality, theory, whatever you wanna
call it, seem divided into the various 'camps'. Like each group has worked their bums off getting to this point
and now it's just a matter of 'seeing who is right'...or something along those lines. Like we've come up with the
'main story lines' of human life on Earth, and now we are waiting to see which 'group' got it right. I've talked
before about a choice time. Feels to me like this just might be it. I also find it very interesting that right
in the middle of our 'stopped zone' Mother Earth...well maybe Mother Earth, some folks are talking HAARP...and
the Americans, have created major distractions from what's going on in the non-material world. Folks have been
very strongly putting their energies and focus on the Sandy weather event, and the election. Talk about distraction
tactics...those are a coupla MAJOR distractions.

I can almost picture the military, industrial complex, including big pharma, and the banksters, rubbing their hands
together in glee. OH, good, they kept the old we don't have to 'break in' a new one. Now we can
get back to our important business. I don't even wanna THINK about what their important business might be, but I
have the feeling they are looking forward to more of the same ole same ole. More control, more power, more draconian
laws...just more. Almost as if someone was using tactics...hey, look over there...we don't want you to notice that
you ARE HERE. OK guys, next push, commercialize Christmas. Get those sales going, get those products on the shelf,
retail sales is our 'next big thing'. Get out there and sell, sell, sell. Keep 'em distracted, keep them shopping
and charging stuff they can't afford...just keep them busy and occupied. Hmmm...why is it so important that we ARE
distracted. Distracted from what? What it is they DO NOT WANT US to see or understand?

Underground bunkers and FEEMA camps, and government agencies buying up arms...the USA branch of the elite cabal
aren't even trying to be subtle anymore. They are just doing their thing right there in the open and don't give
a hoot what the populace thinks or wants. It's like they know something we don't. Like they see something ahead
that we can't see. I'd imagine Australia is right there in their hip pocket too. Australia just got itself
appointed to the UN Security Council. Kinda like an oxymoron huh...UN and security? Whatever the powers that
wish they still were are doing, OZ appears to be right in the thick of things. Course we've got Pine Gap, and
that's probably important to the 'overall plan'. Still playing slight of hand though, Australia is, still trying
to make things look like they are for the 'good of the people'. Dread to think what's going on behind the scenes.
We have pretty tame media here in Australia...they follow orders. Not so much 'behind the scenes stuff' gets
revealed over here.

What if all these distraction tactics have actually worked? What if the whole idea of 21 December 2012 IS A
tactic? What if the powers that wish they still were are deliberately keeping us from seeing something that's
happening RIGHT NOW so they keep their game going as long as possible? Maybe all the distractions and the whole
dumbing down issue were so successful that we ARE HERE, but just haven't had the time to pay attention because
we are so busy on our hamster wheels?

Now I dunno for sure that's the case, but think about it for a minute. This is Mother Earth's journey, the
solar system, the galaxy and the entire Universe, are part of what's happening. Those guys don't actually care
a whole lot about distraction and illusion, they are gonna do whatever they are gonna do no matter what humanity
does. Maybe that's exactly what's going on right now. Why we seem so STOPPED in our tracks lately. Maybe it's
all about looking behind the distractions...or behind our 'participation' in the 3/4D game...and see that, OK,
yeah, we are here. We made it. We did this. Like Mother Earth, Universe, all the guys who actually see what's
going on, and the why and the how, have just moved into their new state of beingness...on a higher D, or in some
new energy frequency, or who knows what. Maybe it's actually done and dusted and we simply haven't cottoned on
to that yet.

Whole lotta folks seem to think the appropriate 'ending' to this game is to get off the Wheel of Life, outta
3/4D density and just go HOME. That's not me. THIS IS my home. Planet Earth. No saviours, from off planet
or anywhere else have a place in my own personal story. MY story is about me and Earth, making this journey
together...wherever that may lead. Maybe how it really works is that each of creates the world around themselves
that we WANT to see. Then we suddenly wake up and realize that THIS IS IT. It's already here. We just
need to accept and understand and probably most important, BELIEVE THAT. How many times along the path to
here have we suddenly realized things that had been staring us right in the face for ages, and we simply
couldn't see? Now that we CAN see so much more...well, maybe that's our next focus.

Not looking for second hand info. Not searching for data and info. Start looking a bit more deeply into where
we are right now, this moment. If the moment you are looking at isn't what you want it to be...change your mind.
That's probably all we ever actually needed to do. Change our minds. Shitcan all that programming and
distraction and dumbing down and just look around at THIS NOW. Making each now moment full of all the things
we WANT to create, rather than trying to adjust ourselves to all the little boxes 'they' are trying to funnel
us into. We are NOT slaves to any sorta system. We are divine beings. We are free, and whole and complete and
OH SOOO capable.

Perhaps that's all that's left to do. Be here now. Moment by moment. Creating each now moment as WE WANT IT.
Just ignore all the games and BS that others are playing around with and check out our INSIDE SELF. It's that
inside self, the bigger self, the authentic self, that's been here all this time. It's the inside self that
came here to play this game. Only stands to reason that all that's left to do now is for the inside self to
let the outside/physical/game playing self in on the big secret.