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FEB 2016 UPGRADE STATUS :User profiles and New posts are now working again! Yey! Thank you so much for your patience! PLEASE Post any Issues Here.

I think the Flat Earth folks mighta done something. The world FEELS flat today. Well, perhaps not flat exactly,
perhaps it's more like deflated. Like someone let all the energy out. Entirely too easy to fall into sloth mode
when it gets like this. Maybe it's just that there was so much attention on the States lately, with the whole
Sandy business and then the election. Maybe all those folks in northeastern states are relaxing a bit, and it's
affecting everyone. I mean there are a whole lotta folks effected by this stuff, it only makes sense that the CC
as a whole would 'feel' some of it.

Course it could just be me. Lacking energy and motivation, or even any interest in HAVING energy and motivation.
Drift mode. Just sorta sliding from one moment to the next without a whole lotta conscious awareness. Unhooked sorta.
Haven't been doing the necessary. Haven't been eating properly. If it didn't have chocolate it wasn't on my menu
the past week or so. Mouth eating. You know, placating the taste buds, NOT giving the whole machine what it needs.
My mouth has had a good time, but the rest of me is sorta dragging the chain. Exercise? What's that? Hmmm...must
be time to reign myself in around here and do what's good for me. Now WHERE did I leave that little tiny spark of
motivation? Gonna have get that out, fan it a bit, and do something good for myself. Spose I could use the weather
excuse...late frosts in October set my veggie garden back by a month or six weeks. Slim pickings out there. Kinda
disappointing, but not actually a valid excuse for my total lack of participation. Hey, I wonder if you can grow
chocolate? I've got tobacco and coffee seeds...with chocolate seeds I'd be right in the heart of true decadence.

HO HUM...bah humbug...long dramatic sigh....WHEN are we gonna move along to whatever comes next? I don't want to
complain. That's a lie. I DO want to complain. Mother Earth seems 'occupied' elsewhere, like she's got pressing
issues some other where. Magic and amazement seem kinda thin on the ground at the moment. Even the weather is sorta
stuck half way between. There are reports of good rain, dark clouds in the skies, the farmer seeded his crop the
other day...all good reasons to believe it's finally gonna rain. But it just blows over us. Somebody is getting it.
But it's not us. That's exactly how it somebody else, somewhere else, is getting all the good energy
and we are getting left over crumbs or something.

Maybe Mother Earth is busy waking up the last of the sleepers? Maybe that's why it seems we have so many new
members here every single day...over a thousand since we reached the 40,000 mark not that long a go at all. She's
probably out there poking and prodding those folks who are 'scheduled' to ascend, but are still dozing. Stirring
the masses to that critical point. That'd be a good thing.

OH, to start my day Probably not gonna do a whole lotta starting though. Maybe it's navel contemplation
time or something. Time to just unhook completely from 3/4D and just zone off to the inner Universe. Thing is,
when ya do that folks think you're being slothful and lazy. I might make a sign...a special nap sign. Do not disturb
ascension in process. Whattya reckon?