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The ups and downs of this Ascension Process, is still affecting many.   One day we can be feeling quite stable within, "Yeah! got it all last, " type of feeling, then the next day we can be highly emotional and shedding some tears.   There are some things we can adopt into our daily routine, no matter how emotional we may feel, that can perhaps lessen the impact of "those" days.

One way is not to take on anymore than you can handle.  I will share some excerpts from The Tibetan Art of Serenity from the chapter - Feeling Overwhelmed -

" We can spend ten minutes at the start of our day by determining what our priorities are and then focusing on them throughout our day.  Don't let yourself be pulled towards anything  -  from business meetings to casual conversations  -  that feels time wasting.  Instead, make space in your day for the things that are important to you: from projects, to exercise, to family time.  Hold these times as sacred."
Absolutely !   It's so easy to be pulled into another project thinking we have plenty of energy, only to find out after getting halfway through it that we don't have the strength to take care of the most important assets in our life, like our kids and their needs re school, etc.  And also don't forget the needs of pets -  dogs tend to get bored and destructive if not given their exercise!    I have found out.........

" Revolutionize the way in which you communicate  -  Learn to speak from your heart.  By this I mean don't talk about what is wrong but concentrate instead on what is right.  Don't complain, belittle others or predict disaster.  Instead, use your speech to praise, appreciate and be optimistic.  Let your speech be a starting point of harmony and a tool to disentangle the confusion that creates the state of being overwhelmed.

" Change the way you work  -  Does your work contain the passion of your self?  If not, reclaim your life.  If your work is making you sick, bitter or no longer reflects the way you are, release it, for it is a contagious disease, which will be affecting the whole of your life.  Choose instead to find work that supports who you are and your dreams, hopes and abilities.  Too often we are hostage to work, believing that we must do jobs we hate in order to earn money.  Have the courage to leave behind this way of thinking and the support you need will come to you. "

I have to agree with this, but not only in work issues.  In everyday life, in general, we need to adopt a transformative way of assessing HOW we think as life on earth contains much higher spiritual energy than ever before.   I have found that the old way of doing, thinking and being on earth is changing rapidly to suit our higher personal frequencies.   We are gradually aligning with the Universal Flow which puts us in situations that are compatible with our personal frequency.   What this does is we ALLOW ourselves to be living in the consciousness of the Now which means our whole focus in any moment is on what we are doing in that moment.  We are aware of our physical movements and the task at hand.  When our minds are not overtaking our lives and stealing energy from us, we have crystal clear focus and a much higher energy to do the task at hand.

The Universal Flow is the way of living in the future when we all are living in that higher dimension on Earth.  I do not believe in predictions of time and dates of when this will occur as the breaking down of the old 3D way of life is in process and the awakening of humanity IS happening, but I feel we have a long way to go.  When we do, life takes on a very different, lighter feel.  For one thing, we are less dense.  Gone are the cumbersome days of heaviness.   Life flows beautifully in this higher dimension and we live as One with the Universal Flow.   We know instinctively where to go and what to do as though it is a part of us, which it is!   And this will be the way of following our individual energy flow to have the things that we need in life;  flowing along with the energies of Source which contains everything anyone, including the animals, will need for survival.

Back to sharing from the book:  " Create calm  -  To find a sense of inner calm, take five minutes a day to practise paying attention to just one thing.  This may be anything - your breathing, a flower, an object, anything you wish.  It doesn't matter what it is, what matters is that you observe the divine within it. Like the muscles in our bodies, the brain becomes stronger as we train it.  And this focusing exercise trains the brain to recognize and accept calm.  The calmer you are, the less overwhelmed you become, for from calmness comes the path to serenity.  Focusing on just one thing starts to awaken your inner consciousness and allows you to recognize that the ability to meditate is naturally within you and not something you have to acquire or do.   Single-pointed focus stabs fear to the core, while drawing out serenity within you to the point where it spills like a flood out into your everyday mind, imbuing all things with wellbeing. "

That is the end of the chapter from  -  The Tibetan Art of Serenity  -  by Christopher Hansard.


Love and blessings to All  ~  Tara