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            Namaste dear friends ~

            I am sharing part of a download of information I received this morning concerning the work of the
            active Lightworkers and Lightwarriors who are consciously here to assist with the Ascension process.

            I do not share this on channelings for obvious reasons, as many have not followed our blogs over the
            past few years on our work and experiences as the massive downloads occurred mostly in 2011.
            For the 'first-wavers' as we are called, the ground work continues in our communities.  We have been
            readied for this continued work by being rejuvenated after some rather heavy work in what I call areas
            of light-resistance, or in earth terms, very negative areas in our communities.   We were quite depleted
            of our personal resources on earth, including energy and material resources, which will are being rectified.

             I will share an excerpt from the Denise Le Fay Channeling, Polarized Thinking of Sudden or Gradual,
             which explains a lot about our work here on Earth, happening in 'waves.'

           " You see, the Ascension Process has been happening for the past twenty-five years with some Starseeds,
              Lightworkers, Wayshowers doing it first, incrementally year after year, Wave after energy Wave, transmuting
              and integrating density and duality within themselves for humanity, Earth and many other-dimensional Beings
              as well. Stair Steps remember? These Stair Steps have been absolutely necessary even for the
              Starseeds/Lightworker/Wayshowers. First Wavers, Second Wavers, Third Wavers etc. are Stair Steps them-
              selves. This Ascension Process HAS been happening “gradually” from our perspectives on Earth in physical
              bodiesdown in the difficult Ascension trenches, but it’s been happening amazingly quickly from higher
              dimensional levels and perspectives outside of linear time.

            " There had to be a Group of Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers who would live the Ascension Process first
              as the way to embody and insert it in the physical dimension for the rest of humanity that would begin it them-
              selves at later dates. Growing numbers of “regular” people (by “regular” I mean people who don’t consciously
              know anything about the Ascension Process, the astrological Age change, the end of this Evolutionary Cycle, the
              26,000-yearlong precessional cycle completing now including many others all completing in December 2012 etc.)
              have been living the Ascension Process for many years too, but they haven’t consciously known what they’re going
              through and why. So whether a Starseed/Lightworker/Wayshower or “regular” folk, this Ascension Process has
              been happening “gradually” since about 1987, but in those all-important and absolutely necessary incremental
              energy Stair Steps."

              The above information was posted on 27th September, and I must add that hearing this from a well-known blogger/
              channeler was an enormous relief as it seems to add weight when someone is already known and trusted on the
              internet with spiritual messages.   Unfortunately, I don't have a website and don't have the time to 'make a name for
              myself,' but for those who do know me, know well that I only share pure spiritual information firsthand from the
              Higher Realms where many of us come from.

              I am not here to promote myself in any way, I just know that there are folks who are members who don't like to get
              involved on the website, re comments, etc., so I share news for them also.  

              What Denise has said about the lighjtworkers/warriors is absolutely correct.  The ascension process is divinely
              orchestrated and timed.   It has nothing to do with being saved by spaceships and taken to a higher dimension, etc.
              It is a spiritual transformation, that is why we all need to keep clearing out and letting go.   There is nothing to fear
              on the subject of letting go as you only have much to gain by having empty hands in which to fill new energy and a
              new enlightened life.

              So, here we go with another round of lightwork within our communities.  If you want to assist in any way, just BE
              love and bring in that spiritual light each morning.   Mantras are extremely powerful, so search for ones that you
              can feel a vibratory change within yourself, and play them every day.   The energy of the mantras stick to our auras
              and we take that out with us when we leave home.    It also assists with the collective energies in your area as well.

              In my own area, I/We have already 'busted through' the areas of resistance and anchored the light there. 
              There is no 'I' in spiritual work as we all have a spiritual team of unseen lightworkers, protectors, etc., who are always
              with us every moment of day and night.    We work as a team.   Namaste  ~


                                                                           *~*    Much love to you all, take care, Tara   *~*