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12 DNA RESTORED in Six Weeks

We are counting down the days until our Re-Birth begins on December 21, 2012. We are preparing to begin our new life missions and shed away the ten million lifetimes we have spent on Earth in a dream state. What a time for celebration. The best present under the Christmas Tree will be our new Transformed Christ Consciousness.

Who is Christ? A Christ is one who has 12 dimensional reality. 12 dimensions means universal. So, Christ is really another name for Universal Consciousness. A Christ is one who has regained 12 DNA as a result of returning to the mind of God. We are all the Christ who has been sleeping in the amnesia forced upon us to make us forget who we are. We will be returned to our template of Christ which allows us to directly manifest the mind of God in all dimensions. We will regain our passports that allow us entry to all star gates in the universe and all universes in our Cosmos.
This has nothing to do with religions or Jesus Christ. Eventhough it is true that at the time he was on Earth he was the only 12th level Avatar or the only entity who had his 12 DNA activated AT THAT TIME ON THIS PLANET. There were billions of other 12th level Avatars. He was not the only one. There are presently at least three entities with 12 DNA on Earth right now.


The transfiguration will begin December 21, 2012. This was the date chosen by our Angelic Guardian Races. This is the date when all wars in heaven regarding this planet will finally end. This is the date that the Phantom Matrix will be removed forever.

This is the date that a starburst will bring the Celestine to Earth and to our bodies to cause the 12 DNA transfiguration to begin. All on Earth will gain their 12 DNA by January 31, 2013.

How will this happen?
First, you need to know that there are thousands of Fallen Angelic Races trying to create a Metatronic Spin that will reverse spin the Earth into the Black Hole of the Milky Way. The Milky Way is a Fallen System. The Black Hole only leads into more Fallen Matrixes.

The Angelic Races who are assisting us in our Evacuation from the Fallen Milky Way Galaxy have set in motion an EVAC PLAN that will align us into a Cosmic Trinity that will utilize the Aroura Fields, the In Between, the Middle Domains and the Aquarian Host to pull us out of the Earth Matrix that we are now trapped inside. We will be pulled into the Inner Earth Domains of the Middle Earth, the place known as Shamballa. We will be met and assisted by our Host Families who are all Angelic in nature. They only know Love. They only know the mind of God. They have not been living in the state of amnesia like we have been.

Once our DNA is reactivated, our bodies will go through a very fast transition in a matter of a nano second.
Our bodies will go into a deep sleep, like a hybernization. The change will be through crysallis. As the Cellestiline enters into our bodies from the waves of starburst and prana, it causes a light to flash and create a new reality. Our brains will go into a deep level of sleep as we are pulled back into Oneness with the original creation point of Source, the Idea, the Thought, the Intention and the Manifestation of the New Idea.

The body will always be held in tact within the field of God Source. However, at the same time, we will disappear for nano seconds at a time to realign in the new idea.

God creates each idea within a sphere of hydroplasm. There is a cloud of hydrolaise which is first frozen and then warmed into various chemical structures of light and sound. The blue print of the idea is simultaneously created at all levels of manifestation from hertizian, to infra red, to visible, invisble light, x ray and gamma wave. This means the invisible, etheric reality of the thought of God is manifest at the same instant that the new body flashes on in the dimension that will be in our new perception.

During this very rapid transition, the body goes into lucid dreaming, psychedelic sleep, the body shuts down the desire to eat and the bowel and urinary functions are shut down. There is a prolonged chemical change in the body.

When we awaken, we will first notice something different about our bodies, the way we feel and look, our hopes and desires will have completely changed. We will know we are Christ. We will know we have become the mind of God manifest. We will open our eyes on to a new reality because our perception will have been completely translated.

The skeletal structure of each cell will be disolved and then a new imprint will replace it. The old DNA will still exist - but with a new imprint placed upon it by the mind of God. The new imprint will manifest as a new body. The body is made from a chip of light or the breath of God breathed to create a spark. This creates a hologram or a dot matrix body. The hydroplasma and hydrolaise and hydrogelaisic chemical interactions with light and sound create a new form in space. That new form is imprinted upon the tissue of the body. The carbules in the soma of each DNA begin to fire a new reality from the synaptic cleff.

What will happen?

Your body will appear in a white garment of light.

You will rise into harmonic universe two as you are lifted above the earth.
as the blue sky becomes brighter as you dance with the rainbow in the sky
You will enter into the sun and you will disappear
You will reappear brand new
You will be the same you but your DNA will be reprogrammed
The old DNA will melt away and become transmutted into your subconscious-the mind of God.
The Christ that was created by God will be written upon your dot matrix body- your divine blue print of the Idea of God.
You will align into the consciousness of Source and your mind will become empty.
Your last contract with Source will end and a new one will begin.

When you wake up, you will be changed. You will be brand new.

You will find a new liberty as you become the god of your body. You will be able to manifest any thing you desire instantly.

This will all happen beginning December 21, 2012. That day every thing will change.
That day, the phantom matrix which has blocked us from the reality of the divinity that we will soon behold,will be removed forever.
We will be moved into a new time and a new space. We will become one with Middle Earth - the magical place where our angelic families have lived for eons waiting for us to return.

We had to be removed from the NET Earth in order to save the human angelic race from being completely obliterated by fallen angelics

12 DNA is Returned between December 21, 2012 and January 31, 2013.
How will this happen?
It will be set in action by the completion of all stargates opening, the removal of the NET, the BEAST machine, the entire Phantom Matrix and all Races attached to that agenda.
It will become completely activated by a Starburst which creates the Celestilline --the magical substance that sets the metamorphasis into activation.

Our NORMAL DNA template (the one that existed before Seals and pins and rods were placed in our bodies to place them into dormancy) is made of 12 sets of two strands or 12 double helix strands. Each strand contains 12 fire letters that are intended to chemically translate into 12 larger chromosones per strand template for a total of 144 chromosones. Basically, what scientist have called junk DNA is just sleeping, and will be woken by the end of January, 2013.


If you would like to know the scientific and quantum physics reality of what our DNA will look like, and how the transformation from our present two or three strands will transform into 12 DNA, the following is available for you to absorb for now, and understand after your 12 DNA has been activated to the level where you can actually understand what has happened to you. It only seems right that you should be allowed to know what is about to happen to your body if you would like to know.

If there is anyone out there who would like to make this into a scientific mapping in the form of a youtube and put it out for the world to understand, please do so.

Presently this information is known by everyone else in the universe except those of us on Earth who are not body templates for Illuminati Races. Billions of Entities know about this procedure and that it is about to happen to those of us on planet Earth. It is no secret to those minds who are connected in high places.


Each of the twelve chromosones characteristic to each strand of 12 strand angelic human chemical DNA is built upon a genetic alphabet of 12 nuclear tied base chemicals. Each of the 12 chromosones per strand are formed by one primary DNA template grand fire letter. The chemical translation of the natural chromosone is formed through the energetic relationships between the magnetic particle base code, the one electrical anti particle excelleration code and the 12 minute vector codes that form the structure of one keylon in the DNA fire letter in the DNA template.
The base code acceleration pair that forms one keylon in the DNA template through which one natural chromosone will emerge forms the two sugar phosphate molecule groups that translate into the two heli of the chemical DNA ladder.


12 DNA is dormant and its potential has been held within the vector codes until the DNA encounters specific types of interdimensional frequency spectra such as that contained in star gates. Interface with higher dimensional frequencies causes the electro magnetic polarity in certain vector codes to naturally reverse, causing the vector code blue prints to merge at which time the turnstile DNA sequence is turned on in chemical validity.


We are being moved into a time wave that gives us the potential of three sets of 12 DNA.
This three fold process of time wave processing will provide three times the ability of activating bio frequency consciousness, flame thrust, expediated seed atom, merkaba and atomic spin rates.

We will have 48 DNA activated and we will be able to pass in and out of this universe into harmonic universe two and back again if we desire.


The turnstile DNA sequences in each nuclear tied base pair of each gene within every chromosone allows for the particles and anti particles within the 12 vector codes in each keyon to fuse. Through the hydrogen bonds, the 12 hydrogen based pairs merge to form a new composit silica based compound known by our Guardian races as bio chemical celestilline. Through the hydrogen bonds, the micro merkaba field activates in the DNA.

MAGICAL CELESTILINE (This word is not in the dictionary so I don't know how to spell it. All of this information is transcribed as I hear it, so many words may be mispelled or out of order. This is not a channeling. It is the information that is taught to us in the fourteenth dimension when we bi-locate.)

Celestiline is a bio chemical transient silica based bio chemical that forms first within hydrogen bond pairs that link the nuclear tied bases of each Heli to form the Nuclear tield base pair ladder rungs that hold the wo super phosphate hali into the double helix configuration;

Cellestiline is the chemical of atomic transmutation. It is the natural chemical product that forms in the chemical DNA through activation of the turnstile DNA sequences within the hydrogen bonds. when the particles and antiparticles in the DNA vector codes fuse to transform the acceleration code pair of each keylon into an electro magnetic merkaba field. Cellestilline turns on the intron DNA sequences (the junk DNA between active sequences) in individual genes allowing the intron sequences in the smallest gene to duplicate the exon sequences in the next larger gene transmutting the smaller gene into a copy of the larger one.

This process allows the 12 primary genes exon sequences and 12 corresponding intron sequences in a single natural chromosone to fuse into one long gene exon intron sequence that is the replica of the gene exon intron sequence of the next largest chromosone.

If the DNA template is working properly once the first segment of turnstile DNA is activated ,the first set of corresponding nuclear tied base pairs fuse to form celestilline within the nuclear tide base pair hydrogen bonds, an incredibly rapid chain reaction occurs in the DNA template and chemical DNA in a nano second.


In the nano moments before full transmutation of the body, a phantom cellesmiac residue is excreted from the body cells and leaves a blue powder on the skin.
This tangible residue is the compound substance made of the celesmiac and muon bi product left by body cells This fine crystalline is a temporary radioactive bi product

In the nano moments before full transmutation of the body a phantom celesmiac residue of the celesma element is escreted from the body cells and passed out of the body skin as crystaline liquid just before bodily demanifestation. .

As the body completes transmutation, the residual muons neutrons and photons left behind from portions of the cells that didn't enter the fusion with the celestian wave. These bond to the atoms of the celesmiac residue turning the blueish white powder. The tangible residue left behind by a body that has undergone atomic transmutation is a substance made of the celesmatic residue and the photon muon mison bi product left behind by the body cells themselves.

This fine crystalline whitish yellow grey powder is technically called cellestron. Cellestron powder is a temporarily radioactive chemical compound by product composed of bonded silica carbon hydrogen and several methoaloid organic to the cellesmiac residue. To which the muons or miasms remaining from portions of the body cells that did not transmute are bound.

Christ will return to Earth on Christmas
Who is Christ? A Christ is one who has regained 12 DNA as a result of returning to the mind of God. We are all the Christ who has been sleeping in the amnesia forced upon us to make us forget who we are. We will be returned to our template of Christ which allows us to directly manifest the mind of God in all dimensions. We will regain our passports that allow us entry to all gates in the universe and all universes in our Cosmos.


(The rest of this document by request only-- This information is available on Earth at this time for those who seek the truth about what is going to happen next month)

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