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Inelia Benz had a meditation on Saturday at 2 EST in the afternoon. I read about it fifteen minutes before and spontaneously decided to join. She asked people to be willing to download the new operating system for the collectives and be a conduit. I lay down, had no expectations, but was willing to do this as it felt like the right thing. It turned out to be very intense energetically. I could really feel it in my body. I put two crystals on my body. One was a moss agate that I put on my third eye.
The crystals were receiving and amplifying energy. Which stone you choose is up to you, and even if you use stones. I am called to use them for some reason. I put an amethyst on my heart. I lay down and meditated though she suggested going out among people and meditate. I saw myself as a "server" and there was other computer imagery that came to mind during this. I asked people (their higher self) that I care for if they want the download by asking their higher selves. THen I connected when I felt them say yes. Most people I know did say yes. I felt a cord plugging into their hearts from me and I was like an octopus with these cords. For an hour I lay there downloading, and I really felt it. My ears got a high pitch and I knew my vibration was raised and there was activity happening. I sense you lightworkers are doing this often and it takes energy. You can intentially ask to be a conduit for the new operating system.

Here is what Inelia says:

We, as human beings, act as ONE. Even though it is sometimes hard to imagine, everything that happens on the planet, has been decided by our human collective. The nature of our experience is colored by our “programs”. These “programs” come from our own species, they come from the wishes of the collective, Gaia, and the Planetary Council, as well as from our culture, religion, society, education, family and our own and our body’s “karmic” leftovers.

All these programs function within a type of Operating System. A base range of programs of a certain vibration and nature, that allow certain things to be carried out, and others not to be carried out.

The New Operating System is basically a higher vibrational base for having a physical human experience on the planet. It, for example, supports full awareness, as opposed to the veil of forgetfulness. It also supports self empowerment of the individual, as opposed to giving one’s power and authority away to another being or organization. These are but two of the new range of experience we can have in the New Paradigm.

This new OS is embedded in our DNA, which is directly affected by our verbal and written language.

How we use language, what words we use, and the act of becoming conscious of the vibration and meaning behind words, is all part of the new OS coming online.

Practical ways in which we can support the new OS for ourselves and those around us, is to, for example, stop complaining. If a person cannot help you with a certain something that happened, don’t complain to them about it. Also, and very importantly, is the act of responding instead of reacting to situations, vibrations, and individuals. This last one is amazingly empowering for both ourselves and the other individuals involved.

And, of course, simply sitting in silence, while basking in the new vibration which we have made more readily available to the rest of the planet, is also very important. Take time every day to simply enjoy the new vibration!

Here is a link:

It happens again on Saturdays at 2p.m. Eastern. Feel free to do anytime and especially then. The collective needs your fractal involvement to be a server, in service to the collective.

Also, let me mention Toby Alexander's Golden DNA Event.

Tomorrow, (Monday November 12) at 7pm Eastern Time, Toby Alexander will undertake a MASSIVE GLOBAL GOLDEN DNA ACTIVATION to prepare as many people as possible for the quantum shift in frequency planned for December 21st, 2012.

Even if you "Don't believe" in this work and can not possibly comprehend how this may work, we invite you to undertake the FREE opportunity to activate your DNA and invite the possibility of higher change into your lives.

We need 144,000 people to be activated to raise the Earth BASE FREQUENCY enough to override the distortions in the grids and stimulate the MASS AWAKENING that has for ever been prophesied about throughout time, at this time that is now upon us. The Golden DNA Activations are INCREDIBLY POWERFUL & TRANSFORMATIONAL. (I am speaking from personal experience as a recipient and facilitator of the Golden DNA Activations)

Even if you have already had the Golden DNA Activations already (from me or anyone else), I still recommend you attend this webinar to accelerate your awakening!

To sign-up, click the following link:

I have had lots of DNA activations and it really helps raise my vibration. The webinar should be great- and you can learn to do this for others. I have read Toby's books and have strong sense that he is of the best intentions for the highest good so please do check it out if you feel called to. Both of these events are structures to shift the collective and a way to tap in a lightworker that is fun and helps you too.

This post was inspired by Tara's post to some extent- so thank you Tara. I honor each of you for holding and sharing light, for being you, for doing your piece for the collective in your unique way.
Blessings Shannon LR


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