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OK, so Mercury is in retrograde...feels like EVERYTHING is in retrograde, especially me. Everything just feels
wrong...well, not wrong exactly, just outta kilter somehow. Thing is, it's not just me, check out some of the
other blogs, folks are having a tricky time with the current energies It seems a kinda across the board ugly energy
for some reason. Probably the last dying gasps of this game that's winding up...but whatever it is, it's NOT
comfortable, is it? It seems like we are kinda dancing around with this unpleasant energy...doing our best to
hold our balance while it's going one. I suggest we just occupy the energy.

Now I never did figure out exactly what the whole occupy business actually accomplished in the past, but to my
way of thinking WE are much stronger and more powerful than whatever this creepy energy instead of ducking
and weaving, let's just move right into it and take it over. We can do that. We've been at this game a long time
and we know how it works, so let's just overtake this energy, transform it into something we WANT and put an end
to the whole business. On a purely selfish level, let's occupy headaches and other physical discomforts while we
are at it.

Suppose you were a creepy energy, being generated by who knows what, and all of a sudden hundreds, heck, millions
of lightworker types just move on into that energy and occupy it with our own positive energies. Sorta like pulling
together to just 'erase' whatever this pesky energy is. What do ya spose its chances would be? Zip to none I reckon.
I expect it's just about time we begin to realize our powers...those powers we had to battle so long and hard to pull
back outta the programmed 3/4D game. Now that we HAVE them back, let's put them to good use.

The really interesting thing about alla this is that we don't have to all be in one place on the physical level. We
are trained lightworkers, right? We know how to project aspects of our multidimensional selves anywhere out into
Universe. We've been doing it for we oughtta practice doing it in unity. OK, perhaps we haven't been
able to actually direct and plan where our selves have 'gone' in the past. It was kinda like wonderland, ya never
knew where you'd end up...but it doesn't HAVE to be that way. We can CHOOSE exactly where we want to apply our
energy and power...and right now there's this dark cloudy energy hanging around that really needs a few good ZAPS.
We can do that.

Now it's up to each of us to decide WHAT aspect of our selves we wanna send out on this 'Occupy Mission', but I'd
suggest we invite some of our higher D aspects to do this service. We probably need all our 3/4/5D energies to
cope with these energies until we can turn them around. Those higher D aspects don't really have a whole lot to
do while we are still in this game...they've probably got plenty of time for occupying stuff. They also can see
a much bigger 'big picture' than we can from here, so they are especially suited for this sorta work.

Heck, sending higher D aspects to do this occupy movement means we don't have to worry about mundane stuff like food,
toilets, and all the other stuff bodies require when THEY are on assignment. Higher D aspects carry everything they
need right with them...perfect occupiers. Heck, there won't even be litter when the 'job' is done. In fact, if we
do this properly, nobody will even know we WERE occupying. Sorta like undercover occupying.

Yeah, I'm being a bit lighthearted about this. We NEED light hearts to cope with this nasty energy. But at the
same time I'm totally serious about occupying this energy. Some time or another we are gonna have to take our
newly regained personal powers out for a spin, give them a test run, this seems the perfect opportunity. Let's
stop waiting for something to happen before we check out our newly expanded....ummm....well, whatever got expandeds.
Gotta learn how to use all we've learned sooner or later...might as well get some practice in now, don'tcha think?

I'm not too sure HOW we can do this. I guess it's all a matter of using powers we forgot we have. Probably won't actually
require much more than a good strong intention. Just picture that mass of smarmy energy hanging over the world, like
clouds, and send up our chosen aspect up there to occupy it. Those aspects probably don't actually need to do much
but BE there to make this work. I mean our higher D selfs are so powerful simply being present should be enough to
turn that energy around...or make it disappear...or however ya do that. Course if those higher D aspects get in the
mood, they can probably transmute that ugly energy into nice clean love energy. I'm not SURE about that, but it makes
perfect sense to me. We don't even require snappy signs and placards.

Seems to me that folks did a pretty good job of 'taming' Sandy recently, and Sandy was a wild and nasty storm, chock
fulla energy. I don't think this creepy energy field has anywhere near the power and intensity that Sandy had, so this
should be a cake walk.

Who is with me? Who is gonna send a higher D aspect up there to drown this ugly energy in love and light energy instead?
See ya there guys.