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Nearly one year ago around this time i was given a dream about a female that shared certain characteristics with me. Upon awakening I recognized the energy in my dream as representing my twin flame. The information that I have been given about what a twin flame is is basically this: A twin flame is a masculine or feminine aspect of your soul spark that is created along with you as a divine beam from the very "beggining". In other words, it is your other half and always will be.

Ive heard some basic infromation about twin flames and what they actually are, and so we'll see if this adds up with what you guys think. Also I'm not 100% percent on the difference between soul mates and twin flames but we can discuss that also. Now supposedly the feminine half of the flame is 'weaker' than the masculine half. It is the half that mostly incarnates on the physical plane incarnating and reincarnating into either a male or female body. The other half is the stronger half and usually remains in the higher realms carrying out it's life experiences there. It is said that the masculine half NEVER incarnates on the physical plane except for on very rare "special occasions" for lack of a better term. Only during the reintergration process (?i guess ascension?) do they re-combine and share the lessons of there experiences. (This is only what I have hear. If your information differs at all please feel free to share)

It's said that the twin flame only comes down to the earth when you are "spiritualy prepared" and are ready for it (Geuss thats the special occasion). If this is true has anyone else met their twinflame, or know someone who has? I heard a blip about how the twin flame can be anyone. Once you meet that person and begin to grow on a spiritualy progressive path together, the twin flame energies will merge/download into you as a couple. On the contrary i've been told that it is a specific person, with a specific life experience that complients your own in an equal but opposite manner.

After this dream I was lead by my guides to much synchronicities, symbols, information and trials having to do with my twin flame. They told me loads of information about her through various means, ranging from where she was born to her birth day, all the way to minute details, like phrases she might use regularly and jewlery she likes. After about a yr and going through many trails that i guess ended about a month ago, i've yet to meet her. Not to complain. I been told that I must meet certain criteria on an inner level before the universe will orchestrate the events necessary for our coming together. Could this be so?

Im beginning to believe my guides constructed Angelina (thats the name I was given) and the information about her out of energies in my subconscious. They havent given me her last name, and i guess thats because i'm "not ready" for her yet. They just gave me a T. for her first initial.

I say all off this because i'm wondering a few things. One: Who can a twin flame be? Does it even have to a human from Earth?

Two: How will we meet? My father says that i should be out and about, simply living my life and we will spontaneously rendevous.
Or, should I wait on my guides to bring me there so i don't miss the opportunity. Or, (I think it's this one) should I do both. Live my life and just know my guidance will bring me to her.

Anyways. I'm sure I over worrying some, but I would REALLY like to here what you guys have to say. I would also like to hear, I you have met or communicated with you twin flame aspect, what that is like.

Thank you very much for your input and insight. With Love and Appreciation.- Jared


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