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I've given much thought and consideration to colors and the emotions that they embody, and what their possible character-traits might mean to us and to nature. Of course there's room for interpretation and some may view a specific color in a way different from another's take on it. For example the color blue connotes sadness to some (as though someone might be "feeling blue", whereas it (as for me) indicates happiness (the color of the sky on a clear day). But colors have power, and when a color is placed together with another color, it can illustrate another form of power and meaning. The Rainbow of course, is the full spectrum Light that originates from the White Light of Divine authority and creation. But humans, whose personalities are varied, prefer one color combination instead of another, and they're lifestyle can radiate it, even so much as to affect others who are near to their vicinity. I decided to share my take on some of them:

My perception shows me that our culture...our society, which is comprised mostly of inorganic and semi-organic materials, and ideologies of material gain, selfish desires, and physical science, is composed largely of varying shades of gray/silver, black, with blurred hues of greens, reds, and gold. These color, for me, represent the modern western world...and due to the exclusion of other colors...namely those of the Rainbow, they have a desire to dominate with a frigid apathy. In a world of nature, the colors would more closely represent those of the Rainbow, right? So here goes my rough idea of what colors mean:

White: Divine all-that-is, purity, Light, goodness and righteousness
Blue: spiritual power and authority, loyalty, benevolent masculinity
Purple: occult spiritual knowledge, marriage of male and female
Red: the physical lifeforce, vulnerability, nurturance, Motherhood, Love
Orange: youth, fun and joy, play, exuberance, friendship
Yellow: infancy, tender innocence, cheer, Light, all features of "orange" only younger and more buoyant
Green: practical matters of life, family, lineage, health
Turquoise/aqua: special magick, usually unseen enchantment, possibly romance
Brown: earthly life and work, home and hearth, security
Black: darkness, void, rebellion, corruption, illusion, hate, evil
Grey: trouble, disquiet, uncertainty, forboding, impending tulmult
Gold: earthly wealth and authority, greed, mastery of physicality
Silver: apprecticeship and schooling, study, physicality

Color combos:

White and Black: duality
White and blue: hope, honor and legitimate royalty
White, Blue, and Yellow: Heaven's emblematic color-symbol (besides the Rainbow)
White and Green: healty parent-child relationship
White and Red: emergency situation
White and Purple: the benevolent arts ("white magick")
Black and Purple: the malevolent arts ("black magick")
Black and Red: violence, viciousness, satanism, evil, innocent blood shed by the wicked
Black and Gold: Satanic riches, illegitimate authority, western society
Black and Blue: Good and Evil at war with one another
Black and yellow: warning, evil pretending to be good
Blue and Red: male and female
Brown, green, and yellow: folklore, warmth, earnestness, endurance, chilvary, fairness
Yellow, orange, and red: mirth, enjoyment, sunLight
Purple and blue: healthy sexuality, extra-sensory insight, prophecy
Green and Blue: quest, high adventure
Gold/silver, brown, and green: legend, mythology, symbolism
Blue and Orange: best friends
Brown, Yellow, and Orange: ceremony, humbleness
Turquoise, Purple, and Blue: high (good) magick at work

That's all I can think of for now...and they're not strict but fairly close to the way I imagine it