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First day of school for my coworker. She has three children she has adopted about a year ago. Two girls and one boy, all three are children of her irresponsible brother-in-law and his immature wife. That is her light ministry now, you know. She never even thought when she married her husband, that she would end up adopting and raising his brother’s three children who became orphans and wards of the state. . . Thankfully she loves it and the kids love her.    But, it was a brave and selfless decision she made to embrace this whole thing, and embark on this journey. So now she is touching so many lives in ways that I’m sure she never imagined before. And the children will be different now, and I’m sure they will touch lives in positive ways too that might have never happened without her teaching them love and character. Oh, and she was between jobs when she made the decision, because she hadn’t started working here yet.
Anyway, she was telling me -  that her two girls were so excited about the first day of school that they couldn’t sleep last night! But the boy slept soundly. Ah yes! I remember those first days of school! Never was it sooooo obvious the difference between girls and boys. The girls were always so excited to dress up and wear their new clothes and go back to school, and the guys would grouse about having to go back to school, and they especially resented moms that wanted to dress them up all fancy and walk them to their bus stops. Girls LOVED the first day of school, and guys HATED it.  
This has got to be a great test, to see just how much you have transcended or balanced your male/female duality. . . just pretend it is the first day of school – are you happy and excited, or do you hate it and grouse about it? . . . It’s a duality, somebody tell me HOW you have transcended that. . . HOW do you BALANCE that?   Sleep half the night?  I really wanna know. . . Those who claim to no longer be ‘trapped’ in duality - if you don’t just paint everything with a thick coat of apathy, then prey tell, HOW did you transcend that?   HOW do you balance how you feel about the first day of school?

"Well now I realize that it is all just an illusion, and so I don't care, and it means nothing to me."  Really?