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You are not defined by your sins or your mistakes. You are not defined by via how other humans have judged you or what they have said or thought about you. You are defined already at the beginning of all times to be the infinitely able love. Your journey at this corner of universe is perfectly-imperfect as your human body too. This experience at earth is perfect and hugely valued at all universes - because  the aim is to make this universe mechanics also perfect over the time as the experience of being here is perfect already because it teach us the practicality in creation. This work of reaching perfection is called creation. There is no such thing going on as creation in the center of the source, because it is already perfect – the source, god, is the creator not the creation itself, but we can perceive source, god, as within everything. When you left the source very long time ago and took an adventure in creation by contributing into it as a creator. Now you have reached the furthest possible location in the universe and your creator ability is limited but your free will is not. The consequences of your choices are restricted on physical and energetic domains but once you ascend higher your limits will expand. This is vital to understand – even if you are a creator, you are not able to create more than you are able to handle, creator ability becomes with greatest responsibility. From this standpoint it is very easy to understand what it means become godlike – it is to become very responsible and this responsibility needs to have a very deep characteristics of compassion and love. It is actually relatively simple to become god-like; believe into your love and go from there!

Much of this creation is about into what do you you believe. If you believe on your sins to define you completely and you believe the earth situations are out of your hands, it will be so, until you take a decision to belief on yourself.  There is one enormously significant thing available for all, all the time – it is to choose to believe into divine ability within and to become like one. When you choose to become divine like the expansion of your ability starts to manifest and there is no point of return.