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Be careful what you wish for.

Much romantic fantasy has been written about the idea of being physically reunited on earth, at this time with your Twin Flame.  Fact is - that most of the notions regarding the TF phenomena are a complete fabrication of the imagination and a load of utter nonsense.  So much quixotic and idealistic propaganda has been generated around TF's, which  has given many searchers and couples a false and impractical impression on how these divine unions are supposed to be.  ''When I meet my Twin Flame - I will live happily ever after'' - wrong!!! 

The intense inner work that is involved into bringing these relationships to eventual fruition, can be completely overwhelming and quite traumatic for many - often most actually become extremely disallusioned with the whole idea of being reconnected with their  twin and vainly attempt to flee the union - only to be tormented by their inexplicable connection.  These unions are divine - once you meet your twin, there is no escaping - you are eternally attached to one another with the same invisable umbilical cord.  You don't get to choose your twin - he/she has been divinely chosen for you.  It can be quite a shock to your senses to discover that your TF in reality, is not the person you expected them to be. 

I'm not professing to be an authority regarding TF's, nor am I suggesting that TF's don't exist - just that these types of relationships can be thwart with so much heartache and pain - this particular partnership will challenge you to the very core of your being.  Most of these relationships don't manifest into a physical carnation because of the difficulties involved.  It's a rare few TF couples, who  actually progress from their initial reunion and soul recognition and harmoniusly survive in this dualistic environment.

The following is an extract from a conversation on a thread I've been following on another site - I do hope it will give you much valuable insight on the emotional turmoil, obstacles and issues which surround these types of divine duos:-

violetlotus commented on  "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
So glad I am not alone on this journey! I wish I had known about twin flames five years ago. It would have saved me lots of tears.

indigoshamemuk2 commented on  "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
I so dam wish I could find my twin! But I dout I will!
Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
This desire will burn through the walls of time and space to bring you your twin, just be wary of being burned in the process. You have to walk through the fire as a warrior! Be brave and don't lose hope my friend.
Aislinn Sidhe commented "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
I wouldn't wish for it, if I were you, indigoshamemuk2 :) You're far happier without it, because it can be absolutely horrendous. I mean it's "good" because it helps you deal with your monsters and demons, but there is a hell lot of pain that comes with it. I haven't seen the light of day for almost a year now.
Totally agree with Earthwalker, it is a fire indeed, and as heroic and brave it can teach you to be, the truth of the matter is ... it sucks. lol. There are good things a-plenty: transcendence beyond the physical, you understand cosmic mysteries, gain immense wisdom and strength, find your purpose, defeat your worst demons.
But at the same time, you might just spend every night in tears. I'd say it's worth it, though.
When you're ready, the universe will bring you your twin :) But it's far from roses and candle-light dinners in many cases, just be warned. :)
Love and Blessings
-Aislinn Sidhe )O(
Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
Totally agree with Aislinn. I recently met who I think is my twin online here. And I had to stop communicating because it was so intense, the love so strong, I physically could not handle it. I literally had chest pains half the time. The other half was simply sublime and amazing but it was also all-consuming. I am building my strength back up, gaining experiences and clearing out the closet to make room for another go round hopefully this year. But it is up to her as well....I think we are both
Rocio Bodevin commented on"Twin Flames and Soulmates"
Aislinn, I too have spent too many nights in tears. I would not wish this on anyone. I almost wish I could take back ever meeting my twin. This just takes so much work and is so excrutiatingly painful. I can't imagine asking the universe for this to happen. I had no idea twins even existed until I started to try and research what I was going through. It's not wine and roses. It's like having a magnifying glass put to your soul. It's scary having someone that can see every inch of your being.

Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
That was one of the best things for me was when my soul twin saw something in me that no one else had ever seen. It completely floored me and was one of the things that led me to believe in twin flames. I got such a healing from it even though it was difficult.......IT was the overwhelming intensity of the love that overpowered my ability to function that did me in.

Aislinn Sidhe commented "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
Earthwalker, I hope my Twin comes to "see" the truth of our bonds like you've seen yours. He stopped communication more than six months ago, and from what I gathered, was confused, irritated and fearful of being consumed with our connection. Plus, he wasn't ready for it. So ... I guess running is understand-able from that perspective. You need to be ready for something like this. Just out of curiosity, though, what do you mean when you said you're gaining new experiences and clearing your closet? Once again, I hope to goodness my Twin's doing the same thing!
I agree, Rocio Bodevin, it makes you so vulnerable. And that's scary too, because no one can hurt you like they can. I tried to "hide" behind ego for so long ... bad, bad decision lol. You can't hide from your Twin. The best thing to do is setting all that ego (which is a natural by-product of our society, I think) aside, and living from the heart.

Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
Well, I don't know if I was the runner or if she was or if we are both runners. I told her that I could not go on like this, that I had to back off and then "puff"---gone with the wind, just like that. I was hoping she would have come back with some sort of rebuttal or an "I understand" but I can understand taking off for sure.
What I am doing is working really hard on myself as well as trying to have other relationships because now I can see that all the inner work I do on myself is just leaning me to her. That includes trying to have other relationships, like going after intimacy, because the things I learn will only make me stronger and better able to contain the powerful emotions. It is also showing me the power of the twin flame union as I see that nothing is comparing to it, no other love. If  I clean out the closet of my soul with shadow work, I make space for new love to enter my life. I am very busy working on my patterns all the time. If I feel anything negative come up, I am quick to chase it down until I transmute the energy. I use inner child work, writing, astrology and energy healing to clear the patterns in my subconscious mind.
If you yourself  go about working on yourself and go after intimacy with others you will find yourself getting closer to him and should not feel the separateness even at all at times.
We could start dialoguing if you want and I can explain more. Love to do that.

Limitlass commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
Wow, I am just sitting back listening to all this.  I'd love to chat with any of you online if you are ever interested.  I too am in the same position, but would love to share stories in hopes of both learning from it.  I met the person that I believe to be my twin, less than a year ago online.  We were supposed to meet as soon as finances allowed but each of us also had to personal things to attend to...he had to move and I had to finish my lease and find a job, but our plans were to get together soon.  He is expecting me to give up everything I have here and move to be with him.  Here lies the kicker.  I have never even seen a picture of him or talked to him on the phone.  He is fully awake but I am not.  I'm not even 100% sure that it's him and he got very mad at me when I had some readings done that didn't mesh with some of the things he told me about myself.  It scared me.  Now hearing all this from you guys, I am not sure I want to strand myself 2000 miles from home with a man I know nothing about (in this lifetime, anyway).  Oh how I was I was as awake as he is so that I'd know for sure.  But what I am more curious about right now is finding out from you all, what kind of issues you've had to deal with and what has caused you to step back. 

Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"
I would just use common sense and your own instincts. Erring on the side of caution wouldn't be as bad as making a hasty decision. If it is your real twin and even if you think you are ready you still need some kind of back up plan. I mean your shadow will be thrown in your face and you will have to face stuff you never head to face in normal relationships. I mean this is special.

Aislinn Sidhe commented on"Twin Flames and Soulmates"
Yes, that would be nice, Earthwalker, it's always good to be able to talk to others going through the same things. I find it admirable that you've taken charge of what the Universe has handed you and transmuting negativity and working on yourself. And I agree, I will work on myself. Sometimes, though, it feels like there really is no choice but to work on ourselves in situations like these. I'll message you though :)

Aislinn Sidhe commented on"Twin Flames and Soulmates"
Limitlass, I also agree with Earthwalker's suggestion that you listen to your instincts and have a back-up. From what I know, Twin Flame situations require a lot of risks, but those risks should only be emotional! I'd ensure physical security first and foremost, just to be on the safe side.
Also, it's okay if you don't feel awakened enough - your awakening is orchestrated by the Universe, so don't worry too much :) I think any sort of soul connection helps you deal with your inner demons, and the Twin Flame is the strongest of those. You'd know best if it's a chance worth taking. :)

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Much love and happiness to you all
Ish )O(


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