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 This Valentine’s Day we are being delightfully graced by an empowering boost of the full moon which will ensure that all lovers will be drenched in the erotic and exotic waves of the lunar vibrations.

The key word for this full moon is ‘dramatic’ so for those of you who will be celebrating this day with your romantic partner, be prepared for a highly energetic and almost electrical day and evening together!
By reading the frequencies of this months full moon projections, I can already feel the gush of passionate and mystical love entering our consciousness but this comes with the added bonus that the 14th February 2014 is also the Chinese Lantern Festival so be prepared for enlightening revelations both with your lover and individually.
My romance guides tell me that the energies of the Valentine’s day full moon should be utilized to the fullest, for those who are already in a romantic relationship to use its projections to empower their manifestations of a more loving and understanding union and for those who are single and who are wanting a romantic relationship, to use these energies to attract romance into their lives. This Valentine’s full moon emissions are perfect for those wishing to attract and ethereally connect with a soul mate or a Twin Flame. These vibrations can also be used by united Twin Flames who wish to recall their past lives together and to explore their joint divine mission on Earth.
So how can you make the most of the effects of this wonderful day? Remember to leave your crystals and any items of jewellery and clothing that you wish to empower with the romantic lunar rays outside in the moonlight overnight or near a window where the moonlight is entering into your home. If it is a cloudy night, don’t worry; the frequencies of the moon are still just as powerful and energy can penetrate through any barrier. You can also fill glass bottles with drinking water and leave them out in the moonlight and drink it the next day to absorb the powers and healing vibrations of the moon. You can also make Angelic Holy which you can see in my how-to video here: 

Lovers can also perform a releasing ceremony where they discuss the things about themselves which are hindering the progress of their relationship and that they wish to release. They can then proceed to write these things down on their own piece of paper and burn these pieces of paper together under the light of the moon.
Singles looking for romance can write a prayer requesting love and romance to the universe on a small piece of paper and they too can burn this piece of paper under the moon, holding the intention that with the energy of fire their desires will be empowered and will manifest their love into the lives.
Always remember that whether you are single or half of a couple, self love is the most important love of all so why not pamper yourself on this day? Spend time doing things for yourself, meditate, book yourself in for a healing or a massage and in the evening, take a lunar bath under the loving rays of the moon.
Great crystals that correspond with the moon that you can work with are Selenite, Moonstone, Amethyst and Celestite and these can be combined with love vibrating crystals such as Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Watermelon Tourmaline. If you only have one or two of these crystals, simply hold them and meditate on the evening of the full moon. If you have many, then place these crystals around you in a circle and meditate within the circle. These crystals will vibrate at an exceedingly powerful frequency and you will absorb these frequencies with the energies going where they are needed to. You can also manifest your thoughts with the empowerment of the crystal frequencies but remember to keep your intentions crystal clear and think about what you DO want rather than what you want.
Above all, have a very loving and romantic Valentine’s Full Moon!
Helen Demetriou ♥

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