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Well. I know for a fact.... that all I have done for my city has firmly placed it into a MAGNIFICENT 5d bubble. Or maybe it's just me in my own version of reality. I can't quite tell yet...which is why I would like you guys to hurry up and get to my level so I can compare notes. When I say level, I mean I have -yet- to hear from ANYONE regarding new found abilities beyond channeling and Living a Soul Life. Good in themselves yes.... but the true gust is the nifty set of X-men powers you get too.

In a previous blog, I mentioned how I dabbled in my newly acquired telekinesis and stuff. Once you have that for a few weeks, it gets old. Real old. Stuff just starts flying everywhere when you start trying to work. You wake up and your bed is 6 feet off the ground. You know. Old.

So I decided I would explore my new version of reality. Or lack of it.

I can honestly say.

I'm in Heaven.

I have successfully broken down so many walls, as that I ACTUALLY AND LITERALLY MOLD REALITY LIKE CLAY.

Imagine installing photoshop in your head and point and clicking your way to new everything.

That's what finally finished installing on my headdrive yesterday.

I sat on a balcony this morning, and turned a REALLy popular pool that is in my vision to almost a quarter of its size and a third of its depth with 5 minutes all in real time and RIGHT before the 1st patrons would arrive.

I HAD to see if this was in my head or if other people could actually see or partake in my delusion.


I think everyone who saw my end result was just speechless.

People didn't say anything to each other about it. But you could all see it in their faces.

Their mind totally expanded as a result of my glitch in the matrix.

This is how you can wake people up.


I have videos of me doing this and a couple other neat tricks all in real time.
You'll get to see exactly what it looks like.
You can show it to your non believer friends.
Better than a channeling to sleepers. Actual VISUAL PROOF OF THE ILLUSION.

I could write soooo much more. But in Heaven. I don't need to.
Hurry up and get here guys. I'm waiting. I miss you all.

ps. If you already are here too. Well boo hoo to you for not popping in
and saying hi to the new guy in the neighborhood.

P.PS.--I wish you all could see the shear amount of cloud ships in formation above my city this morning.

PPPS....If ANYONE has ANY writings/teachings/channelings about teleportation, methods for using/attaining it. Or possible prana maps I could experiment with channeling my energy with to do this. This is the only trick besides bi-Location & high level flight that I feel I must master/unlock. Everything else as in cool powers wise has been figured out and I will post a primer of how I unlocked all of those for all soon as I can get my head unwrapped from this new dizzying level of ... ya.


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