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When Love Enters the Story of Love….
          I have been searching
This Universe of Endless Never stopping Creation
Searching like a still clear movement of an eye
 of the Mystical Eagle seeing
Everything turning into Seemingly Nothing and Seemingly Nothing turning
                                                   Into All things
                    Searching for the matching female mirror part of
Me being Who I am
 everywhere I could go.
          Because I saw on one day of bitter sadness
my Eternal Love turning into Non Eternal Love  and Leaving me
                    Going to be Another Non eternal Love for Somebody Else
                                                   I knew about.
                                         As I could not understand why
                               As nobody else could understand
                    But I felt in my Heart My now non eternal Love understood
          And The pride the mother of all disasters
 together with the fear their father did not let her
                                                             To tell me the truth.
                    I went flying wildly into many Galaxies for months
carrying endless river of bleeding pain
 running  through My heart
 and trying to wash any of my own Love away
          As the bleeding stopped
On one sunny day
 and I could start to see
Who I am as I am again
                    I finally went to the state of being hilarious
 and dancing with the stars
                               And riding the bunch of bewildered comets
                                         Touching the fast skin of Light with the message
                    for the Real Essence of this Universe
                               For its Matrix Itself
Message for the God,
 who I felt inside with my Spirit
                                         ‘I wish to meet a Woman you created for me
                   For I wish to live with her inside the Romantic Dream of Heaven
                    I and she can create freely together’
          And for I am ready to live inside never dying Flower of Love
                    Leaving all the fear, hate, anger, jealousy, judge, victim
                                                   Thrown back into their own Fire of Hell
                               And I trusted I would succeed to find
a Smiling Blossom of Divine Magical Wild Beauty
Of this Stormy season
  When the Sun with its new vibration of light
          Disconnected all who were not meant
 to stay connected until they die
and I knew it might be really possibly almost quite late
          to find my Matching Mirror of Free Woman
                    because this is a world of slaves slaving Hell
And just before I may be about to get tempted
to find some other weaker flower for a while 
            less wild
less magical 
 less divine  
less smiling
                                                   growing everywhere around the corner
                                                             growing for painful  pleasure
                                                                       growing into dull emptiness
                               But it was not late at all
          when I find You being there out of the blue
                    And saw you coming
with the gentle wind in your long hair
                                                                                            So lightly
 like you were the Mistress of the Wind
 Swirling down to come to me to tell me
          There is everything everybody needs
 in this Interconnected Creation of Love
                    There is always
The One Right for The Other One,
which I knew deeply inside my heart.
          What  my mind could not imagine in bravest dreams
Only my new true friend intuition could tell me was
                     You are going to be
          a Beautiful Daughter of Goddess of Love        
          Looking with wild passion
 and deep compassion
 into my eyes
                    Like you were looking into the mirror showing you
          We are free to paint the Greatest Painting of our lives
With the most beautiful colours
 talking pure magic while freely touching
          The radiant canvass of us two naked painters
Painting the Story of Love with Truth and Honesty
 knowing deeply suddenly in our souls
                               Time has come
 for the Pure Miracle of Love
                                                                                  To come finally true
                                                                                        For YOU and FOR ME
                    How do I know all this? 
                               When the Mind is Clear
to broadcast the station of Freedom to Love
Then it knows You are what you are
           And this is what I am. 
                     ‘Hello  Life
 I am Life,’
                               Let’s go Dancing beyond the clouds of Fear
                    Where the Angels we created
                                         Are waiting to see us dancing
                                                             in the shiny shoes of freedom
to be who we are…
          And my Heart does not need
to seek to know
if the Palace of Your Heart is full
 of Magic of Love for all
                               My Heart only feels My Soul
Expressing Pure Joy from a touch
          Of Divine Eternity of You Touching Me.
                                         My Heart Knows and sees with the Eyes of Love
                    You know What Love really is
and You know how to build
the temple of  Everlasting  Love
Yet there is just one
little tiny piece of poisoned seed of  fear
                                         Inside your glowing aura
And I have the happy joy to tell you
 ‘I can not hurt You, Beauty of Your Heart
as I am made of Love and for Love       
           as You are made of Love  and for Love
as You and Me know now
after the wild storms of our lives
          brought us here where now
  this is the only truth
 of the Father God & Mother Goddes,              taking our hands
                                                             and letting us
                                                                                  to merge our souls
          and sending us to walk
the Beauty of Life Together…


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