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Dear God  / Goddess living inside you, brother and sister.
I have been running The Birth of The Goddess Workshop Today on Summer Solstice Day. While drumming for all women who went on the journey to meet Eve I was taken by jaguar and snake to meet Adam first male. He welcomed me  He was really strong beautiful Male full of Love and Light shining out of his heart. He shown me Eve sending beams of light from her heart to every single Woman.  We went hunting and he said Horse and there was a horse he said eagle there was an eagle, he said bear and there was a bear.  I could see him being connected directly with every animal, every man, every tree and plant. 
I asked him to show me when his time was and he replied I'll show you. We moved through time I don't know if backwards or forwards and we got to see dinosaurs.  Humans were there too. I got frightened that they might eat us, Adam started to laugh while I was thinking that and said  They eat only vegetation. Than Dinosaur started talking to Adam and he was talking to the creature.They know they will have to move out from here, Adam said to me. Than we went back to now days and Adam explained me why there is so many families torn apart.  He said: Male and female must realise they have to come back together to Create Unity of Male and Female in Oneness, which is The Source and  The Flow of All Life.
Than I asked him  / I felt a great need to ask him / Why was Lemuria Destroyed? I read in the Flower Of Life that it was because they have reached the level which was against The Divine Plan. I said that's not enough, I want to know why. Adam took me to Lemuria and I saw people being immortal and eternally blessed and happy. I asked why this had to be destroyed why this Paradise?  He took me outside of all dimensional structure and I could see what was and still is going on. There is a system of sucking and consuming energy out of human energy fields which has been disconnected from human being after human being reached immortality and reached own divinity.  I asked is it like God eats God and he said yes. So the Divine being destroyed Lemuria because Lemurians were becoming Divine and there was not enough of food for Divine to feed from.  There is nothing wrong with this. This is How NATURE works. Stronger eats weaker. 
I asked so what now, if we gonna succeed in 2012 and will become immortal - Ascended again, is our world gonna be destroyed. He said NO but it will look like that for the rest of people who will not ascend.
This is The Greatest Mystery I have touched on
Love you all
Robert Hawk


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