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Joy of omnipotent love elevating stars……
The day the Universe was created
out of the laughing womb of everywhere present nothing
 loving mere everything to be yet,
          In the very moment, in that second   the time the Insane Runner
                    Escaped out of the boiling pot of permanent eternity
                               There You were born together with divine dust
                                                                                            Comets & stars
          And I was born to be rider of the stars and the storms.
                    Galaxy later We agreed to meet thousand times
                                         To honour our Mother The Earth 
The Goddes we saw rising out of Nothing to be the eternal Mother
          Of the rock  & boulder people
                    Of The Green Stem People
                               Of the breathing people flying, barking, chirping
  or running naked in the fields
and swimming in the rivers of lovemaking
                               And to honour our father - The Sun
                    The God of ever warm light,
our own source of continuous presence of miracle of life
                               which comes from the Father through the Mother
          And You archetypal Eve thinking and loving
and Me archetypal Adam Loving and thinking
                     to be the divine people of the Earth
          were blessed to eat the fruit of the tree of wisdom
So soon we loved our task many times
          And we suffered for our task many times too
                                                                        And so much
So often the biting pain was so great we could not recall
                     Who we are: Divine people of the Earth. Not at all
Last time I saw you in your full Shine of divinity was warm summer 1589
          Where the flames of sick human fury of hate towards
                     Our mother the Nature of things                            
And the Nature of humble beings healing others
Sparked the bomb of bloodthirsty witch hunt and we both were burned
          Alive                         yet the bravery & wisdom of you and me
to welcome the arms of our brother fire
          Turning our young bodies into light fertile ashes
and realising us to the river of Father / Mother….
I asked you ‘’how we will meet again’’
          And you smiled and said ‘’You will find me, trust me.’’
Black gazing People at the square did not say a word
thinking we were friends with their Christian Devil. Ha Ha.
                               And as the warm flames of the path opened the door
                                         In that very second…… before
The Angel of Death pulled the curtain down for idiots gazing
          I opened my heart and shouted
                    With all the love on fire: Let the love will bring you back to me
          And you in the same very last moment
                    Opened your very boiling heart and singed: I will love you
                                                                                  Forever or Longer……
 And than Angel of Death took his black mask off
                    And said with the voice of love: I love you both
                                                                       Welcome home
                                         And took the fragile hands of our souls
                                                   And flow us back to the home of All that is
          And now
after the surreal mysterious contacts of us two  were made
                    I happily wait for you to knock on my door
                    Or I will knock on the door of your car or home
                    I saw you already in my dream on Sunday
and I will meet you soon   I just know I have found you again,
                    Because you were searching for me That I am
                    And I was searching for you That you are
                    I was searching for you in other woman who wasn’t who you are
                    you were hunting for me in other men. They were not who I am.
          I felt you today touching my aura and sensing me
And I will wait for you and I will see you wherever you are even on the Moon
          Full of its light bringing luck back to us soon
          Forget the fear, throw it away, It’s garbage of the deserted past
          Let’s show the world what LOVE IS     And forever let it lasts…


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