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When I think of my Twin Flame these words come to mind very quickly, love, unity, peace, harmony, joy, sacredness, and spiritual enlightenment. My spiritual partnering with my Twin Flame is on of unconditional love, openness, and an all embracing friendship without fear of judgments, ridicule, or retribution. It’s a divine experience that one Knows….when one has found the twin. It will not hide itself in any way because the signs will be everywhere.

Finding my own Twin didn’t happen overnight and it hasn’t been an easy journey by no means. In fact its taken many lifetimes plus 40 years in this one to find my Twin Heart. He popped up when I wasn’t even looking. It’s funny how God works.

At first I thought we were soul mates and was unfamiliar with the term Twin Flames. Then the universe started unfolding at light-speed when we came together in person for the first time. One thing that kept reoccurring between us was the uncanny ability to say the same things in sync, or express one another’s thoughts instantaneously. I posted a blog about these things and a day later I started to learn about Twin Flames. Everything I read was us and everything that happens to us has a confirmation from the universe that shortly follows. This humbled us tremendously.

We learned that ego has no place in our divine love nor does fear. A new awareness began to form and a deep inner knowing developed. We developed many new abilities and awareness continues to grow in our relationship. We have the balance of masculine and feminine within ourselves as well as that same balance between us… only divine.

I’ve meditated on him sometimes at 2 am and shortly he would call and ask me what I was doing. He told me he could feel me on his chest. I had been meditating on him. We email or text at the exact same times saying the same thing. We could save on the text bills if we could fine tune this. LOL. Once we meditated together only I had no knowledge he was meditating. He knew I was. I really think this amplified my meditation experience because I could see these white balls of energy flowing from my body to his and back to mine. By the end of this meditation I saw us as two sexless figures in ultraviolet light. I could feel energy in my body so intense my mind knocked me right out of the meditation. I just lay there on the floor for probably 10 minutes trying to recover from what just happened.

I’ve found this to be a spiritually mature relationship that requires an enormous amount of energy too. I’ve mentioned this in other blogs and sites because I feel it’s very important for others to know there’s a certain amount of collapse that occurs when Twin Flames unite. Anything connecting to you or your twin that’s left unfinished will intensify and you’ll need that energy to finish it. The point I make here is simply this…Don’t give up at this point because this is where I’ve read most Twin Flames can’t handle the karma and quit. If you make it through the collapse and you can deal with the influences the ego will play on both of you, you’ll find it’s so worth it. You’ll come to realize just how sacred this relationship really is. Besides the universe will keep showing you along the way if you are open.

I enjoy each new experience that unfolds with my Twin, by the way his name is Brendan. I love every little and big confirmation God shows us. Take this weekend for example, Brendan noticed something about the pads on my fingers. He said no one he knows had the pads come to a point just as his do. Mine was the first he’d seen. Upon closer inspection we noticed the prints, lines and fatty portions of our middle fingers were almost identical. We began to laugh, because sometimes we get so bombarded by confirmations and similarities we get giddy from it.

With all the readings on Twin Flames with blogs, websites, and forums I’ve noticed one thing. Very little is ever said on the subject of sex. Well if your Twin Flame is also your lover then this is an important part as well as all the other things that are written about. I want to touch on this subject for a moment or probably an hour since I love it. LOL. Yes, I know about spiritual sexuality of the soul and I’ve felt immense pleasure in it. It’s a very sacred experience and that’s putting it lightly, but what about the sexual energy of Twins uniting together, physically as one. Hmmmmmm.

When Twins are united in celebration of love and come together, sex is an extraordinary expression of love and is one of the highest living experiences our human bodies can experience. God gave us sex for celebration and if it’s used for its true purpose (not for just making babies) it will be the highest ecstasy you’ll share with your Twin Flame. Time utterly stands still for hours on end. The sexual expression of giving yourself to your Twin will be one of the purest and most intimate forms of expression to you as well as your Twin. Not just the two of you will be entertained in the pleasure of this giving but you can feel your Twin Soul taking over. Both spiritual and matter coming together and sharing in this sexual union can last for hours and hours…and does. You will feel exhausted by the end of this but also rejuvenated at the same time. There’s a deep magnetic harmony that this divine love making brings and your souls fill with light. I get lost in my Twins soulful eyes and he does mine as well. We’re not just making love…or having sex, but becoming one. Each of us love for each other and not ourselves, and there‘s way more satisfaction in that. It’s not just about the sex organs either, although very nice to say the least. It’s about making love with your inner self, chakra’s, etc.

Another thing that happened was a strange kind of connection between us, I’ve only seen one other person write about. The day before I was supposed to go see Brendan, we were in a blissful moment talking on the phone. The next thing I know, I’m feeling this ball of heat start filling up my lower right abdomen, and was somewhat painful. The pain was not a pain of “OH CRAP, take me to the hospital.“ It was more of a pleasurable pain. It lasted for an hour or so after we hung up. I met him in Providence, R.I. the next day. We made love and the feeling returned in the same place, only more intense. He also felt this and described the feeling to me as it was happening. I couldn’t believe he was feeling it too. This time the feeling didn’t go away. I feel this wave of love very strongly. Sometimes it’s more intense than others, but its always there. We began to think I was pregnant, but that’s not the case. This wave is strong on the right lower abdomen and travels across my lower abdomen at times when we‘re connecting on that spiritual level of divine intimacy.

We’ve also learned about the numbers 11:11 and 22. Those numbers pop up on all kinds of things. Sometimes it’s just one 11 and other times it’s a consecutive 11:11, 22. On one occasion we were in Newport, R.I. and were buying t-shirts for our children. I had a thought after I’d bought a shirt for my daughter to go back and get his daughter one too. As we were walking away from the store after purchasing the second shirt we looked at the receipts. They both contained 11:11. We were simply amazed. We’ve had them on all kinds of receipts, tickets, and some meeting days add up to the number 11 or 22.

There are so many things I could go on and on writing about, which I’m sure to do at some point and time. I just wanted to share with you the importance of looking closely at what you can see and experience in your Twin Flame relationship. When God brings Twin Flames together, it’s not about what we physically as humans want or need. It’s not about what others tell you is right or wrong. People have a tendency to tell you what you need and don’t need. It’s not about the conflicts that will arise around you when you come together with your Twin Flame, and believe me your world will turn upside down. LOL. It’s about who God pairs us up with before we ever existed as humans and in his timing. I’m not saying divorce your current spouse when you’ve met your Twin Flame, but I am saying this. As I learned about Brendan and I being together in past lives together, I also learned God is making us do this till we get it right.

One last example, This weekend we went to an Italian restaurant we’d only been to once before. The last time we were there was right before I was traveling back to Cincinnati. It was one of those crushing moments where leaving feels worse than dying. I mentioned I didn’t want to sit at the same table we had the time before and I want to tell you the place was packed and that was the very table that cleared and we had to sit there anyways. God telling us “GET IT RIGHT.” I think so. LOL. The next day we went to the airport. I was trying to escape from the pain of leaving Brendan without crying again, I was going to go in the airport early. As soon as I said it, the rain started pouring buckets immediately. I had to stay there and cry and say goodbye the way God intended. God sent some really strong messages the rest of the day because I had flight changes and delays the whole time. I didn’t even get back to Cincinnati until 3:30 am the next day. That’s where the development of this article birthed.

This is God lead and no other way. We’ve tried to change things a few times and God reminds us very quickly…”Not in your time, but mine.” It’s been an incredible and crazy journey but I love it.

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