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*Please note that I am not involved in any organized religion. I have written this to help those that wish to understand the experience of the Holy Spirit better.

What is The Holy Spirit?

What do you think about when you hear, "The Experience of the Holy Spirit"? Do you think of a powerful prescence that surrounds and protects you? Do you think of a loving and healing energy that moves through you? Do you think of a dove resting upon Jesus Christ after his baptism? Or, do you think of a church service gone wild? lol
There are many perceptions and ideas about what exactly the Holy Spirit is. The Christian religion has specific opinions on it and believes that the Holy spirit is a gift from God and that those who are deserving are able to be 'anointed' or blessed by its presence. Others believe that the Holy Spirit is simply a channel of God's loving energy and that anyone can have the opportunity to receive it if they ask. Some believe that the Holy Spirit is a product of love produced between a Father and Mother God. And then there are those that believe that the Holy Spirit is the mobile Mother God herself, helping the stationary Father God to send us his loving energy.
But, the best way to understand what the Holy spirit is, is through actually experiencing it.

The Holy Spirit and Healing

If you are in need of healing, love or just a renewal of energy, you may want to consider consulting the energies of the Holy Spirit.
And, just know that you don't have to be a church-goer to access this wonderful loving energy! The Holy Spirit is unbiased as to who it visits, all it takes is just willingness to receive its healing.
The Holy Spirit holds a cleansing energy that will work through you, in order to release negative energies and heal you. It can also bring tremendous amounts of Joy and Gratitude into your being. This is a very powerful energy and once accessed, it can consume a person and they feel like they've literally been 'hit' with it.
Most familiar with the actually experience of the Holy spirit are those involved in the Christian fundamentalist or Gospel movements. These people spend a significant amount of time in their church services "worshipping" God/the Lord. Those that meditate regularly may also have the benefit of experiencing the Holy Spirit and its presence, time and again.
The Holy Spirit is just that - a spirit and a presence, its own entity, and it definitely comes and goes when it pleases; but once it visits, you will know it without a doubt, because it is an intense and significant experience.

Churches - Praise & Worship Services

Some churches have created amongst themselves, a way of opening up to the Holy spirit's presence in the church service and allowing this energy to run through them and cleanse them all at once. You might notice this if you have been in this kind of a church or or have seen something like this on television. Keep in mind that I am speaking of the actually "worshipping" experience and not the religious teachings involved. You may have seen, experienced or heard about these services where the audience members have their hands up in the air, their eyes closed, and some become very emotional.
Although, it may look very melodramatic, most are actually experiencing this as a very real, authentic and powerful, healing energy. Bringing all of these people together to access this energy makes it highly powerful and effective in this setting. In fact, many people can become addicted to it and this may be why some prefer these types of churches over others.
I have personally felt the Holy spirit hit me many times in several types of environments. It is a very powerful feeling that consumes you. It feels as though you are purging out negative energies in a healing way. It is very strong. Sometimes it will literally send you to your knees. It is a very powerful and overwhelming experience.

What happens when The Holy Spirit is accessed?
This varies from person to person. Most people have a very strong emotional experience when feeling The Holy Spirit.
When I get a visit from The Holy Spirit it is very strong and overwhelming - basically, I sob like a baby. But it's not like a sad or sorrowful sobbing, its more like a feeling of healing and releasing the negative; I feel very renewed and refreshed afterwards.
Some people laugh, some people cry; others dance in a joyous way. Many people also experience a feeling of 'water' or emotions flowing through them. Every person that accesses this energy experiences it as appropriate for them.

How to Access The Holy Spirit

The steps to accessing the Holy Spirit and its energy can be very easy. There is no lengthy meditation or book to read that is necessary in order to do this. All you have to do is ask, open up and receive.
One great way to open up to the Holy Spirit is through music. Music speaks to the soul and may help a person open up to higher energies if it is very inspirational to them. If there is a particular type of music that inspires you the most, you could meditate on it and ask the Holy Spirit to come to you. Personally, I listen to, "El Shaddai" by Michael Card to access the Holy spirit because it seems to move me more than any other song. (Although, I am not involved in the Christian movement and its teachings, I still utilize some of their inspirational music to connect to The Holy Spirit and God.)

The key to getting a visit from The Holy Spirit is open up to it as much as possible. If you close off during the experience, you will feel its energy dissipate and it will be hard to receive its energy for awhile thereafter.
If you have trouble feeling the Holy Spirit, keep in mind that it does come and go when it pleases so if you feel absolutely nothing when you ask for it, perhaps it is not time for it yet or you are not ready and you should wait and try again. If you do not have much success, you can ask your spirit guides to help connect with it, or ask them for a dream to give you more information on how to access the Holy Spirit.
Also, you could try going to a church that focuses on praise and worship. However, it is not entirely necessary to do this or be involved in an organized religion to get a visit from The Holy Spirit, especially if you feel uncomfortable going to these types of places.

Some Benefits of The Holy Spirit:

PhotobucketEnergy Cleanse and Release

PhotobucketAura Cleanse and Healing

PhotobucketIncreased Compassion

PhotobucketIncreased Healing Abilites

PhotobucketHeightened Sensitivity to Subtle Energies

PhotobucketEnergy Raise to Higher Vibrational Levels

PhotobucketAtonement & Feeling a Unity with God and the Universe

PhotobucketHigher Levels of Joy and Gratitude

A Few Song Suggestions:
Here is some music that may be inspirational to help you open up. These are just a few suggestions, however you can use whatever songs you wish to help you. The key is finding the music that inspires you the most.
(New Age)
Chakra Healing music of any kind
Songs by Enya

Thank you - Ray Boltz
Via Delorosa - Sandy Patty

El Shaddai - Michael Card or Amy Grant
Hevenu Shalom Aleichem

Oh Happy Day

Amazing Grace
How Great Thou Art

copyright 2008 Heather M. Jenkins

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