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This is the transcript of the video "How to release a negative entity from your sphere" by Magenta Pixie.

The video is available here on or on youtube at

The question was asked


Magenta Pixie, after consulting with the Collective, Consciousness of Nine about this, brings forward recommendations for releasing negative or malevolent spirits/entities/energies from your sphere.

Edited by MagentaPixie
Music by Kevin Macleod

A very special thankyou to you tube user Primal111 for sending me some beautiful orgonite, so that I may understand how important it is as a healing & transformative tool in this Ascension process.

Hello this is Magenta Pixie speaking;

Firstly…acknowledging the fact that you have a negative entity with you is the first step….the fact that you have “seen” it or “felt” it (which is the same thing from the entity’s perspective) will give it less power.

Firstly do not be afraid. Easier said than done I know, but fear keeps the entity close. Acknowledge the entity, give it respect, say hello….then say quite firmly

“I acknowledge your presence; you are no longer needed here”

Secondly….deliver a message to the Arch Angel Michael. His energy is now available for all who call him. Remember, AA Michael is an Angel, this is true but he is also a powerful geometric Master…he is the geometry of hyperspace and his geometric make up possesses extreme protective ability to all those who call for him.

Say this message to Arch Angel Michael…out loud at LEAST three times a day, every day until the entity has gone. This can be done in meditation or in the waking state but it must be OUT LOUD and THREE TIMES AT LEAST.

Arch Angel Michael. I call upon your protection. I ask you for this protection. I acknowledge that this lower entity has been part of my learning experience and I shall learn from this. I ask you now to bring me your protection on all levels, all realities, all dimensions and in all timelines. I ask this on behalf of myself and all multi dimensional counterparts of me, associated with me.
I am taking action on the Physical level and I ask for your polarity response to this action of your protection. Thankyou Arch Angel Michael.

Then….you TAKE ACTION on the physical level (although you have done this already by contacting me)

The first physical tool we recommend would be orgonite
Which transmutes negative energy into positive therefore repelling negative entities.

Wear it (or hold it) all the time until you feel the entity has gone. If you do this as I say the entity shall leave your sphere VERY QUICKLY

The second would be

Now it may take a while for the orgonite to be delivered so in the meantime go to your nearest New Age/alternative shop and buy a ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL it does not matter what size. Keep this crystal with you at all times until the Orgonite comes.
By doing this not only are you receiving the healing & protective (and mostly loving) energies from the Rose Quartz (and repelling negative energy & entities by the LOVE exuding from the Rose Quartz) but you are also taking ACTION on the physical level by purchasing the crystal…which makes AA Michael respond to your message to him. For the polarity to your ACTION brings forward AA Michaels energy of protection.

One more thing you can do is seek out a spiritual healer or alternative healer of some kind. Choose one who is familiar with working with energies especially releasing of negative energies & repelling negative entities. Look to the New Age healers but if you cannot afford expensive healing then go along to your local spiritualist church where healing is offered for free after every session.

Once you have done these things you should be feeling this negative energy or entity leaving you…you may feel the entity leave you immediately after saying the first message to AA Michael or immediately after purchasing the crystal. These things are powerful & happen quickly.

So once you are feeling stronger and more balanced, take a look at WHY this entity attached itself to you.
There is always a reason. The lower entity is not driven by evil desire of its own volition but it attracted to a polarity within you, therefore is there anything about you or your lifestyle you could change? Might this be someone else you are closely in touch with that has the entity (or entities) with them & one has attached itself to you.

Drinking excessive alcohol, taking excessive drugs and swearing will bring these entities forward. Are you angry, aggressive or fearful?
Look at your make up, your emotion and your lifestyle to see if there is anything that might have attracted this entity and if there is anything you can change.

There will always be a positive part to any negative, this is how the universe works….and if spiritual growth & learning has taken place through the entity being around you then you can thank the entity for its visit & tell it, it is no longer needed.

Follow these steps & you should not be bothered by lower entities again (this includes people on the human Earth level vibrating on a lower frequency AND entities from the inner dimensions)

Once you feel that the negative entity has left you, thank AA Michael for his protection & you can at this point stop delivering your message of protection to him.


POST SCRIPT (added after the release of the video in response to a question on Marijuana use from a subscriber)

about marijuana use

If you are taking Marijuana regularly as some sort of tranquiliser to "opt" out of life, or just to do what others do...without using it in any way for your spiritual development and without understanding it's
power and having done no research about it...then unfortunately you will attract negative entities and be drawn into the lower astral realms.

But if you are using Marijuana as part of your spiritual a visionary tool or meditation tool, and you know how to go with the frequencies it produces within you...without letting this open you up too quickly & send you out of balance...if you are just doing this occasionally and are making a sacred ritual out of it....this is different

For remember...the Energy of Marijuana, or the Spirit of Marijuana (this has been referred to as The Spirit of the Weed by Mystics) is a living thing and it is how you approach your relationship with "her" that is important.

Therefore if you thank "her" prior to using her...thank her for her visions & teachings...and you have a reason in your mind as to why you are using it...then this can be part of a higher light mystical experience and it CAN take you to positive higher astral realms & can be an important tool for vision questing, mental time travel and out of body travel.

For years these plants have been used (I speak of plants and natural substances here, not those that are man made with chemicals THEY will not work in the same way)

It is when they are used excessively...without those who have no knowledge of the inner realms...the negative entities see that you are walking in a realm you cannot control & they step in & can influence & manipulate you.

Know the inner realms & you will have no problem with Marijuana. Listen to you inner knowing about when you should or should not take it, if you are connected to the higher light and are wise, you will attract positive energies NOT negative.


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