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Is your CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING? Are you becoming abundantly clear about your purpose?

Wake up! Your soul has eagerly awaited this precious period in time. It is your opportunity to make a shift in priorities from ego-based activities and ways of "being" to a soul-based experience that will lighten your spiritual path and your authentic self.

Remaining anchored in ego matters will keep you chained to the 3rd dimension. Living in the 5th dimension involves a full release of fear and doubt and a complete trust in your divine nature and your soul. As you become more aligned with your true purpose and your soul-- your attention, your focus and your choices will become more congruent with one another. You will find it more and more natural to recognize who and what is aligned with your true path and who and what is not. Living from your heart becomes easier and more natural.

As you feel your consciousness rising, look around you and ask yourself questions about your environment. Do your manifestations, the people around you and your circumstances express the truth of your consciousness? Do they reflect the truth and the light of your divine nature? Pay attention and observe your relationships, your decisions and your overall lifestyle. Does the ego rule (is it still in power?) or does your soul rule?

You are living in a grand time of spiritual unveiling! You are being offered a chance for the greatest and deepest levels of soul to soul connection and the greatest levels of manifestation. The power of creating and feeling miracles lies in your hands.

As you connect more completely with your heart center and as your consciousness raises, you will not easily tolerate a lack of energetic harmony or energetic congruence with those around you. You will feel the deep desire to release any ego based bonds to relationships. If you find yourself questioning a relationship with your spouse, partner, family member or business associate- anchor your heart- and ask yourself if the relationship is for your ego or if its for your true path- your spiritual expansion and growth. Listen to your answer. Be true to yourself. The very first answer you get is the true answer. This is a very powerful exercise. It will allow you to see with great clarity the wisdom and truth of your heart and your soul.

The choices you make right now will not only affect your spiritual expansion and growth- they will similarly impact our collective consciousness and our collectively created future. Therefore- choose wisely, consciously- and use great discernment!

Move out of density- 3rd dimensional consciousness and remember who you are! Connect with the authentic expression of your divine nature- your light and your love. Every day the veil is thinning to offer us beautiful, magical glimpses of 5th dimensional living. Allow this expression into your heart and out into your experience. This is your purpose. This is your mission. This is why you're here.

Making the transition out of density alignment and consciousness is as tough as you choose to make it. It is also as beautiful as you choose to make it!

**Making this transition is absolutely much easier with the support, love and feeling of oneness that we share with others on the same path.** This is why we have all been brought here together! This is why we have arrived here now - it is no coincidence that all of us here have reunited and found one another!

We must embrace one another and release our attachments to density drama and material world possessions. We must allow ourselves to release the anger, external desire for control and power and the fear associated with the ego. This only keeps us trapped in the density drama of the 3rd dimension and prevents us from experiencing the expansion of our true selves.

We must align with those we feel understand us and those with whom we feel "at home" with. Each time your ego attachments present themselves to you- you get the opportunity to choose again! You get to move beyond the old ways of choosing. This is a process of moving forward along your soul's true path. Remember your destination- it begins and ends in your heart.

Only true spiritual connection with yourself and others can offer your soul the nourishment it desires and deserves. Embrace the love that is being offered to you from others on the path to enlightenment. We are here to lift one another when we're down and raise the collective consciousness so that we may move together into the most beautiful expansion of peace,harmony and love we could ever imagine!

Stay Inspired- as always- Much Love and Light to you all,


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