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You are a multidimensional being. The earthly veil that is lifting for all that are willing and open to experience it- is more than just a veil that represents you forgetting who you really are. This earthly veil is one of separation and complete distortion. It is up to you to choose to awaken and see yourself as the magnificent, radiant, eternal being that you are!

Every soul coming into a body is predestined to forget its true origin and its true spiritual mission. You must find your way back home- and by reading this now you are most definitely on your way! You got to play on the game-board of physical life- in this very dense 3rd dimensional reality so that you might choose to rediscover, reawaken and embrace the immense truth of who you really are! You are a spiritual being living a temporary human existence. The depths of separation you experience are entirely up to you.

This game-board here on earth can become a self-imposed prison if one doesn't awake and begin asking the real questions about who they are and why they're here! One can become so disconnected from their spiritual heritage that their life becomes mundane, uninspired, purpose-less and empty. Yet YOU have awoken! You are reading this and remembering that you really do have a spiritual purpose for being alive! You are here to awaken and pull back the thick veil of distortion- this is no small feat, my friends! This is an extraordinary accomplishment that you must give yourself much thanks for!

Now- you must not disregard this awakening! You must not disregard your mission and the light within you screaming with joy to be let out into the world. Your light is meant to shine so that you can awaken others!

Living in a society with such a wide range of souls that have either awakened or remain in a deep soul slumber (or are somewhere in between) means that you must make very conscious decisions about your environment and your circles of interaction. Every choice you make leads you to higher levels of consciousness expansion and awakening- or they lead you to limiting states of contraction and fear. Take responsibility for these choices and their consequences!

Commit to surrounding yourself with those who will support your yearning to connect with your spiritual truth. As you evolve in your own understanding and acceptance of your divine nature- you will naturally find yourself magnetically drawing others (who are also on their spiritual path of awakening) into your experience. Trust these new connections and allow them to support you as you continue to grow in self awareness and self love.

Remember that there is a distinct difference between attachment and connection. True connection expands you. It further awakens you. There is a simultaneous flow of giving and receiving that continues to nurture each individual and inspire them to go deeper so that they may reveal and awaken even greater levels of consciousness. Attachments have rules- and they contain with them all the ego strings that will keep you captive in old ego-based patterns- and captive without the freedom of true connectivity.

Connectivity expands your heart, opens your mind and lifts your spirit to soaring levels that you can't seem to get enough of! Attachments are felt in your emotional body. The negative emotions of the ego are meant to hold you in captive inside a tiny box- where you cannot escape the chains of 3rd density living. Spiritual AUTHENTICITY cannot survive in the realm of attachments.

It is also important that you surround yourself with environments that will nourish your escalating energy vibration. Become ultra aware of the people, situations, music, communication and interactions that you expose yourself to.
Truly evaluate your environment. Release your attachment to anything that weighs you down and inhibits your spiritual growth and conscious awareness.

As you shift into greater levels of awareness, self-trust and true connectivity- you will benefit from- and naturally experience- deep feelings of gratitude for each and every experience- for they all hold value- they all hold opportunities for growth, learning and spiritual liberation! You will also find yourself noticing with great clarity the moments when a pattern of attachment type energy rears its ugly head! You will notice it when you find yourself being attached to an outcome- because then the need for rules arises! (do this- don't do that- he/she should do this- he/she shouldn't do that) - The way you can release this energy of ego attachment is to just "BE" love- "BE" of service to others -- surrender your need for any particular outcome-- Just immerse yourself in the beautiful energy of giving- and radiate in the now moment-- for that is all there truly is anyway!

Finding your way through and past density consciousness is a true challenge! Yet, you are a spiritual warrior and you can choose- with conscious awareness- to stay on your path- keep your energy field strong- and stay focused on those things that will bring you peace and expand your spiritual awareness and sense of purpose.

Your true path of self ascension will reveal itself with great clarity, strength and passion when you allow it to reveal itself. If you fall off the path briefly- simply choose again and open your heart. The heart will be your navigator- your navigator of choice- for it will lead you in the direction of your spiritual purpose.
You are solely responsible for your vibrational state of being in every moment. It will become abundantly clear when you are in alignment with your heart's true intent for your life experiences will reflect it!

Allow the metamorphosis of your soul's journey to occur with grace, ease and beauty. It's all up to you... Trust and believe in yourself. Your light awaits recognition- its ready to fulfill its divine purpose!

Stay Inspired- as always- Much love and light to you,


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