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There are last 3-4 years to the full awakening of the God, which means the Creation process will be completed and the Creation will be Full and Total. There will be no lies, no greed, no manipulation, no wars, no control over someone, no hate,no anger and no fear ,once the Creation process ends. Duality of Negative and Positive will trasmute into Unity of Oneness.

The Final stage of awakening of The God - The Only One living being will bring End of the World For those who need to control others, who hate, who manipulate and who spread fear..They kept us as slaves locked inside their beliefs and their rules for millenia.

For those who respect and share, who love and support and who are willing to accept that We are the Consciousness of the Awakened God, we are the ones who creator uses to appretiate own creation, for those who are One with God, there will be everything possisble. [ This is not my Idea, The Universe of Infinite Possibilities has been discovered by Edwin Hubble after the end of World War 1 ]

So what the hell is happenning to our economy????
Nothing extraordinanry. Every human being on this planet has got this thought or similar thought often in their mind. ITS ENOUGHT!!! GOVERNMENTS ARE GIVING BILLIONS TO TOP BANKERS AND WANT ME TO PAY FOR IT. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The World as we knew it is falling faster and faster apart. What makes it happening is ETHICS We Human beings, The people of The EARTH are not willing anymore to act as slaves and as puppets anymore. Look at the news and see this truth happening

And do not worry about economy. Why the car manufacturers are falling???
Nobody wants new cars. There is a different method of transportation just waiting to appear within next year or two so why to save bankrupted car industry with your money?????
Why the banks are falling yet governments do not let it to manifest [ they think they can do that ]? The whole world economy and financial system is flawed - announced by FED Reserve ex chairman - and so it has to fall. There is no other way forward. There is a new system waiting to appear which will be beneficial to all, not only to elite.
So lets take our power back from the politicians, bankers aand laweyrs back into our hands and lets act for ourselves.
Happy Awakening, brother and sister


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